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'09 Passat Airbag light, need help please!

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Car was in a minor accident but the airbag didn't deploy as the impact went between the hood and the bumper but pushed back to the windshield washer bottle, only on the one side.

Was repaired but now there's an airbag light on. Does anyone know where the wiring harness is located for the airbags so I can try to see if there is a wire that wasn't connected or if the wiring was affected in the accident?

Sorry to ask but need a quick reply so I can fix this before I use it.

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I'm betting the air bag module needs to be replaced
Also, you need to vagcom it and pull the air bag codes because at this point its anyone's guess, and the codes will give you at least an educated starting point.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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