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08 Passat, no dash indicator lights and no ignition

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My daughter has an 08 Passat 3.6 4Motion. Last week the EPB started giving her a fit. The red BRAKE dash indicator and the EPB switch would flash and chime. The fault code was (02432 - Supply Voltage for Left Parking Brake Motor (V282). I decided to Use the VAGCOM to "exercise" the parking brake motors with a battery charger connected. All checks exercising the motors went well. A few hours later I went to start the car and noticed when I put the key into the ignition, none of the dash indicator lights came on and the car seemed electrically dead. The battery is fully charged, the key fob does not work, the interior lights come on, the radio comes on and the parking lights come on. Other than that, it is dead. I can't even hook up the VAGCOM to scan for codes. I am at a loss for what may be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Battery voltage is 12.4vdc. With a meter applied to the battery, key is inserted to the ignition switch and voltage stays at 12.4.
Any tips on confirming the ELV is dead or is this something the dealer would have to diagnose?
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