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07 Passat - Radio/Nav on, no audio... amp?

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Hy folks,
I searched for this and didn't find a thread that had a resolution, so here I am.

07 Passat wagon with Sat/Nav/Changer(in glove box) that the head unit works fine. All volumes are up and none of the sources have audio. It's totally stock and never been opened up and had extras added. It turns on and off ok, changes soures... blah blah blah...
Yesterday the audio just went away. :confused: No warning, just gone. I've looked at the fuse for the radio... it's fine.
I can't find where the fuse for the amp under the drivers seat is. It's not in the book and nobody has posted it here that I could find.
My thoughts:
-Find that (those) fuses and change them
-Check ground to amp
-beg for help here.
I've seen posts that suggest issues related to battery life. I don't think it's the battery. It tests fine, although it's probably the original battery.:nervous: As a full time tinkerer on heavy equip I know a battery can seem fine but can actually be the issue. I'm just looking for all the possibilities before I start throwing money at the wrong places.

Thanks in advence for the help!!!
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It seems like an epidemic. i have the same problem on my 06 passat. My sound went away like 5 days ago or so. :( no solution yet
Sounds like it. I've searched the internet, talked to dealers and nobody has the answer. Dealer said, "sounds like a fuse for the amp." I asked where that was and I got the same silence I've found here. I don't want to just start opening up parts without some kind of purpose. I found a wiring diagram for the plugs on the amp and I'll give the 3 positive feeds a test for power coming into the amp just as soon as the temps come up outside. After that... I'm still hoping.
I'll post any solutions I find!
Good luck!
Another update/bump.
Replaced fuse on the back of the head unit, even though it was fine(no idea what it controls - back of radio said, "fuse"). No change. Still powers up, all controls work, mute/unmute, volume, channels/sources, everything comes up on screen like normal.
Still no sound.
Help! SOMEONE has got to have at least a suggestion!
More fun:
No power to the amp. Tested #s 20, 21, 23 in the green 23 pin connector and nothing. I tested the light and the ground so I know they work(grounded to battery). I actually tested all the pins, and no love.
here's where I got the power info:
Not yet. I've spoken with someone that suggested I test both sides of all the fuses individually with a test light. As in, instead of looking for current across the fuse, look for power on each pole. Fuses without test tabs on the back I'll remove and put back in one by one(while car is off) to hopefully re-establish a connection on whichever fuse controls the amp.
Looks like a warmer evening tonight, so I'll be out there later.
I'll keep posting any results.:rolleyes:
Problem solved. Unsecure your amp underneath your driver seat. take both connectors out and connect speakers bypassing the amp. If you get a sound than your amp is most likely dead( just like mine). New one $900. used well i cant find one. no junk yard carry them :(((( good luck
I checked every fure - all ok.
I then bypassed the amp with a jumper and got audio, but that still doesn't say that my amp is dead. My amp just isn't getting power from the connectors. I saw another thread where someone found that there is a trend of broken wires under the carpet, so I'm going to dig deeper and keep ya'll posted.
I may end up running a 12v jumper to the amp but that's a ways off from here.
Oh I forgot to mention. i used multimeter to check the power. I got steady 4.8V on 3 channels going into the amp. The green connector( the one closest to the rear set) has 23-pins GND pin-22, pins 23-21-20 are the 5V which you are getting in check them. BTW question do you really need 12V on a single rail or is it 5V?
here is an interesting guide Which includes manual installation process of the amp etc. But it also includes pinout for amp And what interesting is pins 20-12 and 23 are suppose to get. I only got 4.8V when measured!!! maybe the amp in not getting enough power?? could that be a battery?
Anyway check your voltages maybe you have something different
I check to make sure I have 0 volts coming in, but seemed like no power a few days ago. I'll check that again. I looked at the guts of the amp, and everything seems ok, no melted connectors, corrosion or burned spots. Of course that doesn't mean much with the number of chips on that thing.
So, yeah. 20, 21 and 23 have .31 volts coming into the amp. All the speaker positives have 5+- volts coming in.
I checked on the back of the connector and the same values. I poked the connector through the casing on the large positive wire up where is comes down from the center console and got 12v.
Great. Anyone know the common spot for this to wear before I destroy the interior looking for a broken wire?
Fixed it!!!!

Ok, here's the quick version...
There is 1 large diameter wire that supplies all power to the amp. This is split into the 3 wires that connect to 20, 21, 23 under the floor! I cut the carpet open under the amp to hide the carnage and pulled out the harness, SHAZAM! totally green wire ends. I also checked the grounds, same deal. All is back in and working great. Took about an hour. I'll post pics of the process soon.
BTW, there is a note in the VW service system about this... not a real TSB, not a warranty item... just a note.
Many thanks to a friend at a VW dealer up here in ME for the help on this one!
This is so frustrating...

I am glad that I found this forum where you all share your input about the radio not producing sound. I am clueless when it comes to fixing this problem. I did try to replace fuses...but that is as far as my expertise goes! I will check back to see your pictures of fixing this problem. Thanks for all your posts!! I hope I can fix this myself.
VW Amp no power fix with pics

First confirm that the connector to the amp has less than 12v at numbers 20, 21 and 23 on the 23 pin connector.
Remove the lower trim panel on the center console using a torx driver. The panel slides straight down.

Then, using either a test light or a multi meter, pierce the casing on the large red wire in the harness for the amp shown above.

If no juice or no continuity between these, keep going.
Note: the ground wires are connected the same way, so check for continuity on these too.

Remove the amp and the plate it attaches to by taking out the 10mm bolts and torx screws. Cut the carpet and liner under this plate to gain access to the goods hidden under it.

Reach under the carpet and pop all the connectors that hold the harness to the floor and pull the whole harness out from under the carpet.

The red wire is spliced under the floor into 3 wires and that connector fails. as shown below.

Cut the wires back until you get to clean copper(it may be a few inches or more)
Reconnect the wires and insulate with your choice of coverings. I used heat shrink connectors with a heat shrink wrap and wrapped that in e tape. I know it's overboard, but I don't want to be here again.

Check the ground wires, they use the same connections.

Note the motivator in the background

Then pull the wires back through, be sure it all sits on the floor in the groove provided, then replace the plate, amp(hiding the cut in the carpet) and trim panels.

Didn't take more than an hour or so and was a VERY inexpensive fix.
Best of luck!
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Thank you friend.

I just did it on my car. It my not be as fine job as dealer would do, but it worked. I read about the wiring problem before, so if you want to do it the right way you'll have to remove driver seat and whole carpeting under the driver seat.
Or save yourself a day and just cut the carpet under the amp and pull the wire near the console. Here are some of my pics. Last picture shows the splitting of the supply wire and the connector that has to be replaced( that green stuff is whatever is left of that connector after corrosion)
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Wasn't it a great feeling to open up that harness and find a broken wire? I started laughing out loud. I can't describe how happy it made me to find an actual electrical Gremlin and kill it. That NEVER happens!
I hope the word gets out about this one.
I just want to say thank you guys for this! I have the exact same issue in my 06' Passat and am very frustrated with the idea of having to purchase a new radio or amp. I'm going to have my dad do this today! I am not hip to the terminology so what would I need to get from the store? Tools and/or supplies
For your Dad and you!

You dont really need any specific tools. Just get yourself a multimeter( Voltmeter) A Sheetrock knife, electrical tape or any other kind of insulation, and a piece of thick wire( gauge 8 or 10). And you are good to go! Good luck!
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