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Let me start by saying hello to all and thank you ahead of time for you input and wisdom. My Passat has 117000 and I am starting to have a shudder at highway speeds ( 60-75 mph ) when I need to downshift to pass .. however there is no issue reaching these speeds or harsh shifts if the acceleration is smooth and linear. I just did a transmission service on it last night with no change. Any ideas ?

Update: I drove home tonight with my transmission in the auto manual setting (-) and (+) and found that the shudder happens with no change of gear and during aggressive acceleration like speeding up to pass and climbing steeper inclines. It also does not matter what gear it is in .. with smooth acceleration no issues and buttery shifts.

Update: After multiple shudders the computer finally popped a misfire code .. I replaced the coil packs and spark plugs and the shudder is gone.
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