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Hi All,

Not sure if anyone is able to help, I have tried Googling with not much success.

OK, So the Story is this,

I have a 07/08 VW Passat TDI 2.0L BMR (125KW) which I haven't had an issue with until the Hex keyway on the Balance shaft assembly went and the car lost all oil pressure (Damage to crank and bearings have deemed the motor not worth fixing)

I have found a couple of motors (I'm in Australia) online which would be a straight swap, however we are talking around $2800 from a starting point. I have found some CBBB motors which are over $1000 cheaper in price, but I' am unsure on what would be involved in doing the swap over. I would obviously need the ECU for it, but would my existing gearbox be a straight swap over? I also understand the Turbo's are meant to be different, would the dump pipe also be a straight bolt up? Any other computers that might need to be changed? I know the new ECU would also need to be repaired to the BCM and any other computers in the car.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Motor I am wanting to use

Motor currently in the car.

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