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Selling my B5.5 Wagon to someone who wants to fix up an older car, or part it out. Still runs and has a working moonroof, top trim level, leather seats with power adjustment and heat, working AC/heat, radio and CD player, and great space in the back with both seats folded down (each seat folds separately). I bought it in 2011 at 144,000 miles, my daughter has driven it all through college and after and now has 230,000 miles on it.

Wear and tear:
• ABS brake system is out
• Salvaged title due to being hit in the rear slow speed (mostly cosmetic damage), bumper cover had to be taken off due to that
• There are various scratches and cosmetic damage on the body and a pinhole in the windshield, and wear and tear on the driver’s seat leather and plastic components (pictures available via PM)

Things that need to be fixed:
• the oil and coolant leak (coolant tank has to be filled about once every week or two).
• Check engine light stays on and it has occasional misfires when starting, but the engine and transmission haven’t had any other issues.
• Needs new tires ASAP (and one wheel rim is bent slightly) - one brand new tire is already included in the wheel well.

Heater core, alternator, CV joints, and suspension bushings were replaced while I owned it. The brake pads are in good shape and it had an oil change back in December (I think it’s due for another one). I think if parts were fixed it could run for a few more years, and it’s a great, enjoyable car to drive with great handling.


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