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02 passat 1.8 turbo misfiring need help

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OK so I have a 02 Passat 1.8 turbo that I purchased on craigslist about 8 months ago the check engine light came on about a month after I bought it but came back as a cat code. and never drove funny or anything until about a month ago it threw a random misfire code p0302 and I switched the coil pack on cylinder 2 with #3 and switched the spark plug with #1 reset it and drove for about 2 weeks before the check engine light came back on and it says all four are now misfiring. the car still drives just idles like its timing is off and is sputtering the whole time like its about to die. just about two days ago two lights came on on the dashboard one is the battery light and the other is a triangle with a circle around it. spark plugs appear good still coil packs are still good checked the MAF that's works still PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i know this might not sound as the best solution, but i've had this problem before and all i did is resetted the codes. car was fine right after that. its always worth a shot
someone has to able to help me in the right direction please
Hi. I don't see where you got an answer. Did I miss it? I have a VW 2002 Passat Wagon with a 2.8. I TOO bought it from craigslist, and the day after I bought guessed.....check engine light. Varies codes all arouund misfires, 300. 302, etc. It's been ongoing for over a year now. Never resolved. Bought some fancy ceramic type expander as it was thought it had something to do with low air compressionn Got air sensor, replaced spark plugs and wires. Had a scare because the check engine light, which had been off for about 3 months [a record] the check engine light came back on but FLASHING!! Not good. Codes 300, 301, 303 and 305. Light was off by the time I finished scan. Cleared. Took a drive. No more like. I took it for nice drive, no light. Ran scan. No code. Today light came back on, and the code said it was a 301. one really seems to have an answer. Not here either, huh? Well if anyone has any good ideas please let me know. I have to drive about 160 milestomorrow, and I'm a little nervous. Hope it doesn''t burn out my motor! Thanks.
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Mine is 2001.5 1.8T and had similar problem. What I found is my PCV valve was blocked by gunk. I took apart the hoses and put in a new PCV. Now my Suction Jet Pump is broken (car runs rough and CEL on). I used aluminum tape hold it together temporarily. Car back to run relatively smooth and CEL was gone. Since there are black tars in hoses/pipes, I plan to modify the system based on thread #4 in this post: *DIY* - B5 1.8T Vacuum/Check Valve/SAI/PCV - Delete & Simplification.

Edit: Based on PZ's recommendation, I will not follow the post #4 and will replace the suction pump and clean hoses/pipes.

Check your PCV and hoses. Start your car and let engine run, then try to open/remove oil cap. If you feel suction when you remove the cap, your PCV and pipes need to be checked.
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