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My AC fan use to squeak when turned on but would still get cold. The squeaking is gone but the AC doesn鈥檛 get cold until I turn it off and on several times but it doesn鈥檛 stay cold. I can hear the click as my engine will bog down for a second but the fan I don鈥檛 hear. I haven鈥檛 put any refrigerant in there in over 5 years. I don鈥檛 see any leaks either. Any advice or suggestions on why it鈥檚 doing this??? Thanks in Advance
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A properly working fan should not squeak, ever.
You'll have to check the Freon charge level / pressure in the a/c system.
A system that is below the minimum required pressure won't allow the a/c compressor to kick in.
Also, check to make sure the a/c fan (electric fan behind the radiator) is spinning fast enough to pull the heat out of the condenser so that that the a/c system can operate properly. If the electric fan doesn't spin fast enough the a/c system will overheat and cause the system to 'slug' which can bog down the engine, so much so it can kill the engine at idle.
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If you need help, I can still usually diagnose most issues. I also have gauges to check the system. Send a PM and I can send you my info, I'm just north of DFW airport.
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