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  1. Anything Auto
    I found this posted on another site , just thought that I'd share. The fun starts about 2 mins. in.
  2. Anything Auto
    bi-turbo package includes an increase in displacement to 7.6-liters and upgraded cylinder heads, valve springs, cams, a larger mass air meter, and a less-restrictive exhaust system in addition to the dual turbochargers. The result is an impressive 890 horsepower and 694 lb-ft torque, as well as...
  3. Anything Auto
    Coming from 2 Jeep Cherokees I decided about 2 years ago to get my Passat GLX. I fell in love with the cars styling and highway power (love to pull people at 60+). But now 2 years later I've had more than $8000 in repairs so far. My leather seats and literally crumbling apart, you can pull the...
  4. Anything Auto
    Seems like a lot of them are going for cheap right now around the 30-35k range (considering they were 50k new), many with pretty low mileage under 20k. Note that these were an awesome performance deal to begin with, considering they were making over 400hp, made 1.0g on the skippad, and weighed...
  5. Anything Auto
    Type: V8 Displacement cu in (cc): 427 (7011) Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 542(389) / n.a. Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: n.a. Redline at RPM: n.a. Brakes & Tires Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/vented disc Tires F-R: 285/30 ZR19 - 345/25 ZR20 Driveline: Rear Wheel Drive Exterior Dimensions & Weight...
  6. Anything Auto
    Go here. Too much Power???
  7. Anything Auto
  8. Anything Auto
    I seriously can't think of a better bargain. For $15k over the C5, it sure adds helluva lot of extra features. The quick summary: * LS7 7.0-liter/427-cubic-inch Gen IV V-8 with lightweight reciprocating components * 500 horsepower...
  9. Anything Auto
  10. Anything Auto
    Since we were discussing this in another thread, I didn't want to hijack said thread, neither did I want to not share this with everyone.
  11. Anything Auto
    0-60 in 3.8 sec. Top Speed 200 MPH :bow: :bow: :bow: 2,900 #'s 5.7 #'s/HP Chassis & Suspension development by Pratt & Miller, Aluminum Hydroformed frame produced by DANA - 345/30x19 Rears - 6 piston Front, 4 piston Rear Brake Calipers - Cross Drilled (cast and camfered) Rotors (possibly...
  12. Anything Auto
    6-piston front and 4-piston rear calipers • Cross-drilled rotors • Aluminum engine block with 104.8-mm bores and pressed-in liners • Forged steel crankshaft with 101.6-mm stroke • 6-bolt, forged steel main bearing caps • Titanium connecting rods • Cast aluminum flat-top pistons • Racing-derived...
  13. Anything Auto Say whatever you want to say about both cars performance, in the end its the driver that wins the races not the car! Heres a worst exemple, with a stock C5...
1-16 of 16 Results