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  1. Feeling young

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    This site is almost as old as me:joy::joy:
  2. Young kids and their cars...

    The Showroom
    I know most young kids are dumb with their first car.. But I've had mine for 4 years when I was 16. I'd like to consider myself not stupid. Anyway... So here's my car... And some dumb kid in my town... (A perfect example of how dumb some people can be... Go buy a honda.) Ready for takeoff!!
  3. Young mechanic need help! 2008 2.0t. No start.. Why?

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hi... I'm a new memeber and I work at an auto shop... Yesterday they gavee me a 2008 2.0 passat with a "no start" issue... There is gas... There is great spark.. took the timing cover out and set the timing belt exactly the way its supposed to be... Customer complaint: Customer had not changed...
  4. young mechanic

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    I'm a young mechanic who is OBSESSED with passats... I work on them all the time and of course.... I own a B5 1.8t myself :)
  5. Douche Canoe In Lifted Truck Kills Young Woman

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    What's he smiling about? Monster Truck Kills Woman in Strip Club Parking Lot Driver Arrested for DUI at Spearmint Rhino Updated: Thursday, 17 Mar 2011, 1:46 PM CDT Published : Thursday, 17 Mar 2011...
  6. Hybrid Car to Blame for Neil Young Warehouse Fire

    Anything Auto Sucks. Ironic, but sucks.
  7. Happy Birthday Jon(bullit62) you Young Fella!!!!

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    As it says happy birthday man...
  8. Friction over young photography whiz's art

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    The elders at Ecclesia Church were expecting something tame from Jackson Potts II for their annual Stations of the Cross art display. Instead, the 10-year-old produced a photo of his kid brother being beaten by a police officer. Jackson says it's a modern-day interpretation of Roman soldiers...
  9. Why Only Young Girls Should Strip

    Off-Topic Forum Possibly NSFW unless you have a boss that enjoys a great laugh!
  10. Young Hot Headed Noob Here!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone :) Im new to driving, and VW first car a 2003 Pearl White 4motion Passat just wanted to know anything I might want to know about the car :D I hope to hear from you guys soon everyone around here seems really nice and kind so hope to get some help. Only mod I put into it is my...
  11. Attn: Young Job Seekers

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    My wife has own business, out here in Valencia, Ca. and we are lucky enough to have to hire another administrative assistant. She’s looking for a young person, going to college part time or not. Here are some downfalls that I’ve seen in young job seekers application: * Run spell checker on...
  12. jordan Young - Sterling, IL

    USA - Central
    Just a few pics of my car, basically stock. 2002 1.8T; K&N, sunglass holder, 1.8T emblem, S2000 antenna (not in pics). Planning on an APR chip and new wheels when i get the cash. Didn't really want to be in the last photo, but check out the reflection of that wax job.
  13. Warning: Not for the Old, Young or the just finished eating!

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  14. Widow, 65, sees young thugs who raped her given life

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    I truely hope their cell mates find them equally attractive ... :mad: Widow, 65, sees young thugs who raped her given life
  15. Young But Passionate

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I am a new passat fan. Even if I'm only 14 I luv passats. Especially the B5.5. Kids my age dream of Escalades with 24 inch rims and low riders. I dream of getting in my passat, a great highway cruiser. My favorite Passat is the 1.8 4motion manual. There are so many things you can do to it! I...
  16. SNL Young Chuck Norris

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    Pretty funny!
  17. Reggie Bush or Vince Young?

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    If you are the Houston Texans, will it be Bush or Young*? * Assuming Young decides come out for the draft. After his epic performance last night, with his stock at an all time high, I'll be surprised if he doesn't come out.
  18. Did Vincent Young ruin his chances for the Heismen?

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    Is it Reggie Bush's hands down? Do you think he may split votes with the USC QB and let Young slide in? What say you?
  19. A young lady's new CANDY WHITE PASSAT!

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  20. If you aren't a Liberal when you are young,

    The Black Hole
    you have no heart. If you aren't a Conservative when you are older, you have no brain. It's an old saying, but I find myself beliveing it more and more...