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  1. Top 10 Cars You'll Forget Ever Existed, if you Haven't Already

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    Read the complete Top 10 cars list at
  2. Not a Passat, but you'll appreciate anyway :)

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    So, this happened: So I bought this! :D
  3. Show me what you'll be showing in waterfest

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    just give people a sneak peek at what you'll be standing by in waterfest...
  4. FIN B5 Variant - From Devolved to... You'll see then.

    Ok, first off, I bought the car to replace our reliable (!) and nicely fast (177kW/338Nm) Golf MK4 GTI due to a slight feeling of going to have negative space with me, the missus and three kids. So this was in the spring of 2009. First I had in mind something like an A6 with 2.7 Biturbo, but...
  5. You'll never guess what I found.....

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    so this past weekend I decided to change my valve cover gasket, i started getting oil down by the spark plug where the coil pack goes... im not sure how bad this is... but i figured i can't be good ! so i unscrew this...unplug that.... then i remove the heat shield and i see this disc thing...
  6. Found My Oil Leak and you'll never guess where!

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    For probably 6 months, I've had an increasing issue with oil dripping from somewhere above the oil filter. Initially, I thought it was the Fram Filter I was using (yea, that was stupid.) I put a Purlator filter in it's place and did check for any stuck gasket on the oil filter flange of the...
  7. 2 sets of 18" BBS LM's 5x130 bolt pattern so you'll need adaptors

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    :eek: Alright I have 2 sets of these beautiful wheels. BBS LM's :eek: 18x8 and 18x11 BBS LM's Gold Centers 5x130 bolt pattern, and I do have 5x100 adaptors but I'm keeping them. You can buy them used here or new online. They have no tires but if you are curious I'd run a 235/40/18 on the...
  8. att: all tippers that want a big turbo but are scared youll hurt your trans

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    as ive posted before i have a 99 aeb with a t 28 set up on my car. i put this on the car with 100,000 i run 22 lbs. of boost till red line. all this threw a tip trans with no mods (at first). then realized that ide need a tip chip. witch helped the trans run better. well now it seems right to...
  9. To all potential buyers - Drive one, you'll get it -Its true

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    Years ago I was scared away from buying a Passat by reading message boards, and website after website, where people spoke of electrical gremlins, suspension problems, etc. I decided to "play it safe" and bought a 1998 Honda Accord that was "certified." Well it so turned out that it had been...
  10. My car just got hit- PICTS UPDATE you'll love this

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    WE HAVE A B5 DOWN WE HAVE A B5 DOWN :cry: Took out both doors on the drivers side, the scraped off and hit the rim and the rear bumper. It doesn't look good folks. I was just driving along and this dude backed out of a parking spot and bam. He kept backing out like he wasn't going to stop...
  11. You'll get a kick out of this.....

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    Here's something interesting.. Did you know that it costs more to get warranty front brake work from the dealership which includes free brake rotors, than it is to buy your components online and go to a independant mechanic!!!! Everyone knows that I'm having a little front brake drama with VW...
  12. You'll never believe what rear-ended me yesterday.

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    I've been waiting to post this since yesterday..... So yesterday I was in Long Island, when I had to bring my GF to the ER (Don't worry; it was a flase alarm. She thought she was having an asthsma attack, but it was just some congestion from the flu.). Anyway... while I was waiting for her...
  13. Last thing youll see before your powertrain warrenty expires

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    It was a horrible day for me. Now Vw has me by the balls.Looks as if everything is out of my pocket from here on out. :( :cry: :cry: