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  2. Parts For Sale
    Used Yakima Whispbar S43 Rail Bar Low Profile Low Wind Noise Roof Rack Bought it for quite a bit more a couple years ago. Shows regular wear but works perfectly! Guranteed...(tested) Works on VW Volkswagen Passat Wagons made between 1998-2005 (B5 generation) Located in Norton, MA $200...
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    about a week ago i started blowing fuse spot 14 10 amp then, it happened again a few days later my car stayed running but i noticed i couldn't roll up or down my windows, my inside lights dont work, half of the car electronics stuff, I have a aftermarket alarm and remote start and stereo, I am...
  5. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    It's come done to a rhino rack or a Yakima setup. The rhino rack "aero" bars are $400. The Yakima "aero" bars are $550. I don't mind spending the extra money on the Yakima if it truly is better. I have heard a few horror stories about rhino but even more fantastic reviews. Does anyone here have...
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    I have a set of 4 Yakima Q-Towers, Q99 Clips and tower pads that I had on my 99 Passat. No lock cores. I also have a fairing available as well. They're both in great condition - used very little. Just don't need anymore. $90 for towers/clips/pads + shipping $60 for fairing + shipping
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    I have a Yakima roof rack that I bought for my 2000 Passt for sale. I just really don't use it. I have bike clips for it and the wind deflectors that goes for it. It needs the rubber pads. It has the q towers and q clips. I am looking for $100 obo. I live in Rockwall, Tx. If interested in...
  8. Parts For Sale
    Ok I have a bunch of used yakima stuff Id like to unload...all in good shape, no mechanical probs, all in CT. Willing to trade stuff for yakima Q towers so I can put stuff on my Jetta. Fist is a set 4 old school sst towers, no locks, $25 for the 4.....4 railriders, $80(these slide into factory...
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    -Included are the grab towers (second newest model, which are supposed to hold better than the newest ones out) -48" Crossbars AND end caps -Fairing (also wanted to add that this setup made absolutely ZERO wind noise on my car!!) All in all I have about $250 into this setup, looking for $240...
  10. USA - Central
    New member here so it won't let me post in classifieds - that's weird but oh well. Anyway looking for Yakima Rail Grab or Low Riders that attach to factory roof rails for our '03 wagon. Preferably with bars, but that's not a big deal. Denver only. Thanks Brandon '84 ur-quattro 20Vt '01 S4...
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    Yakima Lowrider towers: SOLD Bonrath grill. Pretty rare piece now. Bought for $120 in a group buy in 2001 from Tuning Zubehör: SOLD Heated blue mirrors. Will fit B5, don't know about others. SOLD. B5 stubby passenger mirror. Painted BMP but will need a respray. $40 shipped.
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    Brand new Yakima Double Cross Towers (never used), complete with all instructions and original box. Similar to the Lowrider model. Part #0110 These towers will fit most domestic and foreign vehicles that have factory installed, raised-siderail racks. According to the instructions, these towers...
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    Details here: Entertaining trade offers as well. PM me if interested.
  14. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have the VW base bars for my 01.5 passat. I'd like to put at least one Yakima King Cobra bike carrier on top. Does anyone know if they are compatible WITHOUT the Yakima Universal Mighty Mounts? Thanks!
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    Yakima racks with Ski/Snowboard rack and Load racks - B5 - SOLD SOLD Q Towers, 48" Round Bars, 6 SKS Lock Cores, Big PowderHound, Heavy Duty Straps and Load Stops. Big Powderhound and towers/bars used once, Load Stops and Straps were never used and are still in the original packaging...
  16. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Looking for some input on Yakima's 'RailGrab' towers. I received mine today, and they don't seem like they're going to fit very well. Anyone have experience with these?
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    Complete, comes with fairing and locks too. $200 plus actual UPS shipping ($10 to $20) Edit: These are for the sedan, not wagon. Edit: Rack is sold. Thanks!
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    SOLD - HOW DO I DELETE THREADS? We got a B6 and my wife said that there is no way that she is going to put a roof rack on it so I'm gotta buy different yakima stuff for our suv. I have... -4 Q towers in used shape but work fine, sell new for around $160 -4 Rubber landing pads, I can't remember...
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    I have a Yakima Q-Towers w/ cross bars roof rack system for sale. The system was used approximately 5 times on my 2003 Passat. I'll inlcude locks for the rack. $100 OBO I also have available a Raptor Bike Rack ($75 OBO) and 1A Raingutter Racks (for cars with rain gutters). The 1A system is also...
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    Comes with the following: -(2) 48" crossbars -(4) q99 clips -(4) q towers -(1) raptor bike attachment -locks and keys for everything -$125 plus packaging and shipping (if needed) -only two forms of payment accepted: paypal and cash (local p/u) -will ship within one business day via ups and...