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  1. New Member Introductions
    So I just bought a sony xplod sub & amp off of a friend. I have a 2005 Passat GLS Sedan, and I have the double din monsoon HU. I would really like to keep the stock head unit. I use the cd mag, and I also just don't like the look of after market HU's. I know there is an amp for the monsoon...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Ok, I just installed this new stereo in my car yesterday and so far I am in love with it. It looks so much better than the stock HU in the daytime and at night. The display color red is super bright at night and it matches the stock VW looks perfectly. As far as the sound goes, it is so much...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    just bought an old pajero for off road use, and it has a nice new sony xplod cd player (DIN fitment japan style i think) and i want it to fit in my B5 Passat 1.8 20v non turbo. the passat has the VW BETA headunit - can it be a direct replaced? the 6 CD changer in the boot of the passat is kaput...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    I have a Bad connection box, anyone know if the panasonic control unit will work with the sony Xplod, or how else i can get a new Connection box.
1-4 of 8 Results