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  1. FS: Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 game and controller

    Misc for Sale
    Battlefield 4 game for the Xbox 360 with a special edition Battlefield 4 controller. I got it for Xmas last year. Asking $35 plus priority mail to your address.
  2. Xbox 360 stuff.

    Misc for Sale
    Got a couple of things from my old white Xbox 360. Hard drive, nothing on it erased everything. I have a wireless adapter, and I have the cords that plug into the tv. Let me know if you're interested in anything. Thanks.
  3. xbox 360 wireless headset

    Misc for Sale
    works great $25 shipped anywhere in the u.s shipped priority mail....
  4. For Sale: 1st gen Xbox with 6 games and more...

    Classified Archive
    Hi all, Up for sale is my 1st gen Xbox. Selling it since I have an Xbox 360 and no longer use this one. It is in excellent condition and works flawlessly. Games TOCA Race Driver Crimson Skys Forza Motorsport Burnout 3 Wreckless* Halo 2 *Note - I could never get Wreckless to work, it...
  5. FS: Xbox 360 Core Edition (3)

    Classified Archive
    For sale: A big, juicy xbox 360...interesting trades considered Before anyone gets into the ethics of selling these for a profit, please keep in mind that I am a student just trying to find a way to buy Christmas gifts for his family. Alright, maybe a little bit for mods :P . There are just too...
  6. Fs: Xbox, Ps2, Gamecube! Please Help Me!!!

    Classified Archive
    Game System lot! I am selling my newer game systems! All of them in great shape and work perfect. I would like to get $330 shipped for all of this or best offer. Local sale $310. I really need to help my girlfriend because she has been in and out of the hospital and has not been working...
  7. FEELER : XBOX 360 Premium Pack

    Classified Archive
    Let me know. Think I got an extra one laying around here somewhere . For real, camping out tonight to get one. Let me know of offers.
  8. FS: XBOX Media Center with 56+ games!

    Classified Archive
    Sold! SOLD to VWEight! Mods please lock thread! I'm selling my Xbox as I now have a PSP and a demanding job. That's fixty six games currently installed on my/your future XBOX's 200gig Maxtor 7200rpm HD. There are endless benefits to having all the games on your hard drive. The fact that you...
  9. Ps2 Xbox stuff

    Classified Archive
    I have 1 wireless controll setup almost new (ps2) 2 xbox controllers, one original one aftermarket( adds 10hp) :whistle: 1 xbox high def conversion box like new as well 1 xbox headset, just missing the little foam mic cover, still works great Any reasonable offer...
  10. FS: Modded Xbox, 200GB hdd and extras...

    Classified Archive
    hey peeps. i have a modded xbox for sale. painted blue on silver it looks cool, and it's a preformer. It has the Xecutor 2.3b Pro modchip in there with external flasher. 200GB Hdd with the stock Xbox system on it, ready for everything. I also have the HD AV pack for it that includes an...
  11. Feeler: Xbox, DVD Remote, Extra Controller, Games MINT

    Classified Archive
    I'm thinking about selling my XBOX, I purchased it in late October or early November of last year and really haven't played it much at all. Only really used it for three months, other than that, its just been used to play the occasional DVD or so. Comes with: Xbox Unit with S-controller...
  12. Would an Xbox powered through an Inverter survive a crank on a 2000 1.8T?

    Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know if an Xbox connected to an Inverter, would survive a crank on the 2000 1.8T's? I know that the radio still works when the car is turned off. And the radio continued to work without being turned off, when I started (crank) the car. In addition, when I plugged in a car charger...
  13. FS: XBOX complete system with HALO and Controller

    Classified Archive
    i have a like new Xbox with box and controller and the game Halo for it. First one with 80 bucks+ S&H wins it. thanks Pimpin Ps: im selling to get some parts for my car. I am a collector of older videogames so if your looking for any please message me. thanks
  14. For Sale - Microsoft XBox and Games (SOLD)

    Classified Archive
    Just as the subject states, I am selling 1 barley used XBox. I have owned the unit for close to a year and half and may have used it no more then a dozen times (and mostly to watch DVD's on). I am looking to get $175 OBO. Also include in that price is the following: DVD Play-back Kit Xbox Live...
  15. X-box Carputer FAQ

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok so in continuation of the previous thread, I figured, lets make a how to. Ill be updating as we get more data. so here it goes Ok so for now Im going to make this the simple way, straight mods, no messing around to make it work. So Ill be removing GPS,wireless, etc for now. once we get it...
  16. Anyone use their XBox as a Carputer?

    Mobile Electronics
    I was wondering if anyone has used their X-Box as a Carputer? If all you really want is something that plays MP3's, DVD's, and Video Games, I would think this would be ideal, especially for those who already own an X-Box. The X-Box is essentially a computer with a Pentium 3 derived chip and...
  17. xbox as a carpc

    Mobile Electronics
    can i use a xbox as a carpc with a lcd touch screen ? If so how do i wire it in?
  18. Where to buy an X-Box under glove compartment mount?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anyone know where I could purchase an X-Box mount that mounts flush up under the glovebox? I've seen a few people with the Playstation2 mount, but have yet to see one for the X-Box. Thanks!
  19. X-Box in car ?

    Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone of you done this ? I´m thinking of getting an X-box for my Passat B5 and get the benefit of watching dvd´s and playing games in my car. Main reason is that my two kids would probably enjoy it ! There are some debate about PS2 or X-box but someone said that the x-box reads the info...