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  1. WTB:Black dashboard

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    Need one that is all black and has a double din.
  2. WTB-Black Leather Interior

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    Well, my tax return is about to come, and I have been looking for a black leather interior for the longest time, please, somebody has to have one. :(
  3. WTB:black b5 floor mats

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    Anyone got any black B5 floor mats in decent condition? I'd prefer carpet over rubber? Thanks! :)
  4. wtb-black molding piece

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    Hey if anyone is parting out a b5.5 i need the black molding piece that goes under the passanger side door and the piece closest to the wheel. if any1 has it available let me know,or the stealers will get my money
  5. WTB:black stubby antenna

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    who's got one that is for sale...or were can i find a cheap one.