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    Looking for 5x112 oem wheels might be willing to trade my 17" fat fives with cash on me what u have to offer n we can work from there [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Willing to pay cash for a set in good condition. Would prefer tires with good tread on them. Thanks. Ron.
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    Hi All, I am new to the site and looking to see if any of you in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area have a set of 18" wheels that you may be looking to sell. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Greg
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    Looking for a set of the BBS VZ wheels 5x112 18x8" 37 offset Were an option on the W8 models PM me or post up!
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    I'm looking for 18" rims with tire set up for Passat B6. Please give me any offer.
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    Just as it says, I'm looking to purchase 18" OEM Budapest wheels with or without tires. Please reply here or email me: [email protected] /Users/ronaldcarter/Desktop/volkwagen-eos-white--1_460x0w.jpg
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    Just wondering if anyone has a set of the 18" BBS VZ's for sale. I see the sets on ebay, but they are very expensive. Let me know if you have a set you are willing to sell. Thanks.
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    I'm looking for a decent set of 18" wheels that must clear big brakes: -Tires can be included as long as they will last the spring/summer season and all 4 must match (4motion); -Prefer wheels close to the midwest (IA, IL, WI, MN, MO) so it could be an option to meet you half-way to pick them...
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    These are they types and styles of rims that I like. I don't usually like any colored rims or anything chrome. Brand doesn't really matter to me. The lighter the wheel the better. I don't want anything ridiculously wide, so hopefully something in the 7.5-8.5 inch range. If they come with tires...
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    Seams how i screwed up 1 really really good and scuffed another some i need to replace them, so i really need 1, 2 would be better but i will buy an entire set if you got them. i pay shipping if needed so thats not an issue. let me know cause i need to replace them so i have a set when i pick up...
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    exactly what the title says, give me pictures and a price, also, i will consider similar wheels (black mesh, chrome lip)
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    Besides the replicas that LakeShoreWheels carries, is there another spot to get these wheels? I was gonna stick with the Hub Caps all summer, but I decided I owe a nice set of wheels to myself ;) StattlichPassat's car sold me on these wheels. They just scream OEM classy goodness.
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    I need to buy a set of 18" wheels that fit my 2002 GLX. I don't care if they are brand new but they can't have major dents or flaws because thats the reason I need new ones. My car is shaking at 40 mph and I know its because my rims are totaled. I love chrome but will settle for alloy or black...
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    I bent two of my Mille Miglias on a damn road construction defect (they cut a 6" wide by 3" deep trench across the raod and didn't bother to put up a sign saying "bump" so I hit it at like 40 MPH which was the posted speed limit). Anyhow I'm leaving for a trip to the Outer Banks on Sunday and...
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    Ok i have been posting on here for awhile looking for some 18s koblenz or something close to that...i had two seperate deals fall through. one guy said he would sell them me only to back out at the last second cause he was not up to the hasel of shipping them. Anyway i am fairly frustrated...
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    looking for a set (4) 18" good condition, Long shot but worth a try.
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    Looking for set of 18" wheels 5x112. Tires do not have to be included. Would like a set of OZs or BBS if possible, but all sets considered. Would rather not ship, but willing to come pick up in Nor/So-Cal. Pete
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    Looking for a set of used 18" rims similar to the one below. Just bought a '98 and need to get rid of these hubcaps quick. Want to buy used so I can hopefully save a little money. I would need new tires too, so if they come with the tires that would be great. Thanks Nick
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    Found!! WTB: 18" beater rims Looking for some cheap 18" rims for winters, have tires already just no rims, thanks alot PM me or email me at [email protected] Andy
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    does anyone have 235/40/18 tires they want to get rid off? i think my rims could also use 225/25/18. please let me know.