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    Wanted to buy, looking for something to replace my steelies. Wellingtons and similar OEM VW look good. Got a set (4) FS? Thanks
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    My buddy (2001.5) cracked a wheel. Anybody have one (or more, I realize buying one wheel is a longshot) for sale?
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    Anybody have any original VW 15" steel wheels they want to unload? I'm in the Seattle area, so local pickup would be ideal, but I am willing to pay for shipping if the price of the wheels is reasonable. (I actually like the look of OEM Passat hubcaps over my Adelaides - I know, I'm strange)...
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    I'm looking for something pretty new, prefer Dunlops or Nokians, but I'll entertain anything! Thanks, jaginger
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    Looking for a 15" Moda M1 wheel for my 01 Passat. Current one is badly bent, and need a replacement.
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    Looking for 1 15" Moda M1 or Borbet type H wheel. Doesnt have to be mint, but no bends.
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    Hi all! Does anyone have a 15" Michigan aluminum wheel (2004 - 2005) in *near-mint* condition for a reasonable price? I am in the upstate NY area if pickup is convenient! Some monkey at the local tire store gouged up one of mine when I got new tires 2 years ago. They "fixed" it for free...
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    Looking for a set of 15" stock hubcaps in good shape. Or, If anyone has a set of wheels within driving distance of western NC I'd consider that too. Prefer 15" or 16" It will be for the wifes 02'
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    Looking for a 15" wellington rim for a 2002 preferably for local pickup...would drive in a 2hr radius as far as Buffalo if need be.... Thanks
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    Hello 5x112 car drivers! I am hoping that you can check your attics, the corners of your garage, underneath your barbecue grills and underneath the back deck of your Aunt Ednas' house because I am searching for a full set of either of the aforementioned wheels. No really. I realize that it...
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    I'm looking to get a set of 15" wheels local to the Harrisburg, PA area, anybody have a set? Thanks Tom
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    I have a set of 15" Steel Wheels that needs some attention. Please show me what you got. I plan on spending around $50 for them. LMK! Bernie.
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    Looking for 15" rims (no steelies). I am in the Albany area
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    I got flat tire which cannot be fixed (because it's on the side of the tire), so I'm looking to buy one OEM used 15" tire (I'm planning to buy 17" w/rims in near future but not now and I don't want to drive w/o spare tire).
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    Like the title says, looking for pickup withing 200 miles of seacoast NH. will pay up to $300 depending on condition. email [email protected] thanks
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    Looking for a set of 15" OEM wheels (Michigan style). With or without tires. Prefer local pickup in PA/NJ/DE/etc. Thanks.
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    Still no snow here yet, but on some icey mornings, Ive noticed my wheels slipping a lot. Im using the 15" steelies with the tires that came with the car, which were brand new tires. The tires are Goodyear Regenta's. I assumed that they would be fine in the winter, but after looking at some...
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    HELP- I hit a large rock this weekend- blew out a tire and damaged my wheel. Trying to find a replacement for an '04 passat, 1.8T, 4mo. The part # is 3B0601 025S offset37 8spoke. Here's a photo. Any help/info is appreciated. :banghead...
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    Looking to buy 15" steel rims with or without snow tires on them. Model year of passat is 2001.5 or later. Bolt pattern is 5/112 and 37mm offset. The offset number is stamped on the rim as ET37. I'll pay shipping to 05452 (UPS ground is ok)
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    WTB: 15" wheels. Steel or Alloy - I don't care. Need ASAP. I can get steel rims from TR for $35/ea. However, if someone has used steelies for less than that, I'm interested, especially if they have VW hub caps. What i'd REALLY like is for someone to want to unload their stock 15" alloys...