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    Read the complete 2015 Subaru WRX Review at
  2. Anything Auto
    We were on the way to check out a Ford dealer and happened to pass by VW. We said what the hell, and took a look inside. We ended up trading a '98 Saturn Wagon and my old '00 Passat for a lease on a new SportWagen S. After my experience at the dealer, I am considering trading my '04 WRX for a...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anyone know of an exhaust setup for a FWD V6 B5 that'll sound like one of those tuned STI's you hear around town? You know the ones I mean? The really throaty ones that make it sound like the engines moving at 10 RPM's? Does anyone have any info on how they even sound like that?
  4. Anything Auto
    2011 Subaru Impreza WRX to Get STI Wide-body : Auto News After missing the mark in 2009, Subaru continues to add higher levels of performance to the WRX, bumping the power output to 265-hp in 2010 and now announcing that for 2011 all WRX models will come with the STI’s wide-body. And it’s not...
  5. The Showroom
    Added led's to headlights as well Also a friend added a Subaru WRX upper wing to his B5 As always comments welcomed.
  6. Anything Auto
  7. Anything Auto
    Ok guys I have been interested in buying a WRX (not a sti) for quite some time. I Perferably want a 2004 but I would settle for a 02-03 bug eye look also. I drove a 07 WRX a couple days ago and that was fun and very very responsive although I didnt really have a chance to Run through the gears...
  8. Anything Auto
    Ok, I am determined to purchase one of these vehicles, except I am not sure which one. I am not sure if I want to go the Turbo-4 or the V8 route. If deciding between an 2004 WRX STi and a 2004 GTO, which would you pick, based not only on performance but maintance/repair costs, and reliability.
  9. Anything Auto
    I've been lusting after a WRX wagon ever since they've been available in Canada. First came a Protege5 ...because a new WRX was just too much cabbage. I liked the 5 fine, even in the winter with decent snow tires. It very much needed some more power, and all wheel drive would have been sweet...
  10. Anything Auto
    WRX (non STi) or RSX Type-S, which one is prefered with minimum mods? I think the WRX is ugly, but that is just my opinion. Also, does anyone know how much it would cost to make a RSX type-s a low 14 sec car?
  11. Anything Auto
    So, what do you all think?
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was leaving work today getting out onto a two lane road and the guy behind me was in his WRX so I floored in 2nd all the way to red line. He's a younger guy in my office who works for another manager and I think he is fresh out of college. Anyway, he went by me on the right like I was standing...
  13. Anything Auto
    There are a couple of WRX's that drive up and down our street (they've got the wings, so they might be STi's). One of them has an aftermarket exhaust and it really sounds like a V-Twin motorcycle. The Impreza has a turbocharged boxer engine. It is about 2 liter, right? So it must be a four...
  14. Anything Auto
    Ok, so I work with a kid who had a massive college fund and borrowed from it to buy a STI, well me having a good amount of mechanical knowlegde, he asked me to install his lowering springs. All I have to say is they were even easier then the passat. Then afterward he took me to dinner for doing...
  15. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    obviously i couldn't tell if this was a 2.0T or the v6, but either way, a B6 punched the throttle at the light with a WRX. the B6 was ahead by a hoodlength and gaining when they shut down. the guy in the wrx i think shifted bad, cause he was kinda jerky in the end. nonetheless, nice to see...
  16. Anything Auto
    Anyone seen this yet? No word on whether it's real or some user's p-chop. I'm leaning toward the second.
  17. Anything Auto
    DP, please delete
  18. Anything Auto
    Hey all, I'm looking for a car to trade my Passat in for. I'm mainly looking for a car that doesn't have VW problems, doesn't have to be serviced at a VW dealer, won't do VW things... just generally isn't a VW. I'm sick of stupid shit breaking and not working, and the general lack of competance...
  19. Anything Auto
    The lease on the Passat is up in April. I need to look at cars now, a friend of mine has a 2003 WRX (not Sti). How good are these cars? Is the fun factor there?
  20. Anything Auto
    Let's hear your thoughts. I'm starting to think about replacing the 4MOTION, maybe in a year or so. Want something fairly practical, yet I can throw around at Watkins Glen or Lime Rock (or heck, now that I'm in DC, maybe even Summit Point or VIR). Both basically can outdrive my modded 4MOTION...
1-20 of 47 Results