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  1. Rebuilding one from two wrecks

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have '00 V6 Passat with a stick which was hit by side around bumper area. Because of a bumper move (not bumper cover), two longitude members we significantly bent. The car has 137K miles and well running engine. New ABS, suspension, "struts" , brakes etc. Just for the sake of technical...
  2. Top Gear wrecks a passat

    Anything Auto
    So I'm watching Season 12 Episodes of Top Gear and in Episode 2 they all bought cars on a 17 year olds budget. The last test was they had to drive through an obstacle course and hit every object on the course. Well the first object is a light blue B5 passat. I had to rewind and play again...
  3. Zee Auto UNPIMPED! Crashes and Wrecks. (56k, go drink a Red Bull!)

    The Showroom
    Zee Auto Unpimped! Let's have a collection of "tee hee...oopsy!" photo's of Passat's, be them your own or one;s found in the Interweb. I'll start with these beauties: ^Hey, he's got my wheels!!! :P ouch uu8