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  1. 08 2.0T Manual trans, wrecked, not parting

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    For Sale: My 2008 Passat 2.0T, 6 speed manual, black, black leather interior. Hit in Left front by a drunk driver while parked on the street. This would be a great car for someone wanting to swap from automatic to manual! Can hear it run, not driveable. Not parting out. Located in Denver CO...
  2. ‘03 Wrecked - looking at options...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Sold by ‘03 V6 4motion in perfect condition to my neighbor, whose son totaled it shortly after obtaining his license (20 hours after), and they’re looking into options. The running gear as in the engine and trans were in top shape and still are, so we are wondering what Passat we could swap...
  3. Ran out of oil - wrecked engine dilemma

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi All, 2000 Passat GLS 1.8T ATW FWD 5-spd manual wagon, 231K mi I smashed my oil pan last week on something in the road that the truck in front of me straddled. I was in a tunnel with construction after it and no shoulder and no exit for about 3 miles. I felt I needed to keep the car...
  4. WTB 1.8 parts. Used in good condition or new(dusty is ok).

    WTB/WTT Section
    Wrecked or got rid of your Passat and have new or used parts/accessories for sale? PM me what you have, prices, if it fit my car(I have 4 cyl, but some parts from V6 or W8 may fit as well), I may be interested. NJ area preferred, but depending on size, weight, price, timing... other areas may...
  5. Wrecked 2000 V6 4Motion - what to do with it?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I acquired this Passat for free, no title. The engine seems to run fine but have not had it in the road due to the fact of the missing front glass and broken strut. PO rolled it on a snowy road, took out the windshield, sunroof, drivers window and rear drives side window. Top of the...
  6. WTB 01-05 Passat Grey WRECKED!

    WTB/WTT Section
    Looking for a Grey FWD b5.5 passat 1.8t that has been wrecked or permanently parked. Location is near Pittsburgh PA. I will drive with car dolly. I need an intact rear end. Motor does not have to run. Will pay cash! Looking to spend around $700 give or take. PM me. or text 41249196eightfive
  7. Wrecked my B5 not giving up on it

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Last Friday I was enroute to the zoo for my youngest son's field trip. Less than a mile away, traffic abruptly stopped. The truck in front of me swerved to the left to avoid hitting the truck in front of them and I swerved to the right with very little room to go right and went under their...
  8. My poor sedan...

    New Member Introductions
    This was my 2000 GLS 2.8L 5-speed. I never thought about it in terms of safety but I found out quickly enough. I escaped with only two broken legs and some glass in my arm, but today with the help of titanium rods I'm already driving another manual B5 :thumbup:
  9. Should I buy this 2000 Passat??? I am a noob/ not a mechanic

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    I am looking at a VW passat. Very interested in the car because my uncle owns a body shop. I currently drive a 2007 ford fusion but want a vw. This is the car. Volkswagen passat I am buying the car for $400 the arm is broken that holds the wheel in place. Not sure what it is called or how...
  10. parting out wrecked 2002 GLS

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    ***done with partout***
  11. Wrecked 1998 Passat B5 Sedan for sale.

    Parts For Sale
    Tan leather seat, driverside bag is blown, Engine is removed from the car, Clear PA title $600 with engine and trans, $400 without.
  12. Wrecked!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, tonight some clown ran a red light and ran into my wife's 2004 1.8t Wagon. My wife is fine, a little sore, but the car is pretty much done. Funny - In the last two weeks, I replaced the tires with new Michelins, added Bilstein HD shocks and re-booted the cv-joints on both front axles...
  13. wrecked 2000 B5 with 105,000 miles

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    if there is interest i will get picks. car is hit on front left with suspension damage...I just bought the car with 99,000 miles and I changed the timing belt, water pump, all the pullies, cam seals basicly it was a ECS kit for 400 bucks. I also put new valve cover gaskets and all new PCV hoses...
  14. Wrecked my 03 passat... Need your opinion

    B5 Garage
    So I wrecked my passat... Not my fault.. It's been fixed, etc but I'm not satisfied.. Mainly my only concern is about the fenders. When they put the new headlights in there was a gap b/w the fender and headlight about 1" so they adjusted both fenders in about 1/4" - 1/2" to lign it back up.. I'm...
  15. A/C belt alone? Wrecked again 10/22/09

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    It was raining and I misjudged where the driveway for work was and hit the 10-12" high curb like a brick wall with my right front at 5,10-15mph, idk. Would not start immediately, but after it stopped raining I went out and it started and ran, so I moved it to the garage at work. Popped hood...
  16. a cat got wrecked havoc in my engine

    B5 Garage
    Last night I started to go run an errand and almost immediately my car stalled. I started it back up and backed out and noticed i had no power steering. Then the dashboard flashed "alternater workshop". I pulled it back into the driveway and when I got out I heard a cat crying. This...
  17. Video of wrecked Passat's

    Anything Auto
    I was perusing around on youtube today. A couple insane wrecks.
  18. New owner of a wrecked Passat

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey everyone! I am a proud owner of a 2000 1.8t Passat thats recently been t-boned. My brother in law sold me the car for how much the insurance gave him the car for. There are a few mods on the car and a pretty decent sound system in the car that I am interested in. I am planning on parting...
  19. value of wrecked Passat

    Classified Archive
    I am trying to get an idea of what my late 99 Passat GLX V6 Tip is worth. It had a low speed collision front passenger side with an SUV. No airbag deployment. 150K miles engine runs, but radiator and trans cooler shot. I know this is a tough one, but if I have an idea, it would save my...