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  1. Worst thing you've ever hit while driving?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    We've all had situations where we couldn't avoid hitting something due to speed, safety comfort (risk taking), etc. About two weeks ago, driving on a Sunday afternoon (w/ sun at bad angle), guard rail on the right, semi-truck in passing lane, running 60-65...I first noticed the object about 1/4...
  2. Found a new top 5 all time worst on the Passat

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've posted on this before, and I have stated that changing out the clutch master cylinder is definitely in the top 5 list of most undesirable jobs to do on the Passat. Well today, I've come to another conclusion and a new top 5 worst addition. Changing out the rear wheel bearing hub with a non...
  3. The 5 Worst New Cars

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    Read the complete Five Worst New Cars story at
  4. 02' 1.8t AWM Passat: Oil Cooler leak or worst?

    B5 Garage
    I recently had an issue with receiving STOP from dashboard regarding the vehicle overheating. The coolant was seeming to leak. The VW dealership diagnosed the issue as water pump, thermostat, and CTS. Upon moving the radiator to service mode, I found the following issues: - Significant oil...
  5. Worst Passat modifications

    The Showroom
    Okay, so I know this board is dedicated to members' Passats, so moderators, if you want to relocate this thread please do so. I just thought it would fit because I think we all need a place to discuss the worst modifications you've seen done to VW Passats. You've seen them, and wondered what the...
  6. Best of the worst?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I'm looking for recommendations on lower priced tires for my new (to me) 17" wheels. I run a lot of freeway miles for work, and I don't race the car, or drive like an idiot, so the grip and performance of the tire is really secondary to the mileage. Wet handling is a non-issue, since I live in...
  7. Worst timing belt I ever saw

    Anything Auto
    My neighbor bought a 1998 MK 3 Jetta with a naturally aspirated 2.0 This is the cars second engine and the dealer told him it had only 80K on it. He was pulling the valve cover off today to replace the gasket and I happened to come over. I told him about the notorious timing belts and we...
  8. Humming Noise. Pretty Exact. Worst @ 74MPH

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
  9. Worst made cars on the road

    Anything Auto An interesting read. There are definitely a couple on there that I didn't see coming.
  10. Worst day of my life

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Ok I have a 2006 VW passat with 56,000 miles on it, well my malfunction light came on, so I took it to autozone, and they said it was a #2 Cylinder Miss Fire, and that its wasnt that big of a deal. So I'm alway running back and fourth and not thinking about it, well 2 days later, my malfunction...
  11. The Ten Worst Mods Ever Done To Jalopnik Readers Cars!

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    Wait till you see numero siete:lol: I think it is a member on here.:hmmm:
  12. Best and Worst Places to Drive

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  13. Full List: America's Worst Intersections

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  14. Spiro Agnew - Worst VP ever!

    The Black Hole
    No words are needed as he just is he worst, ever.
  15. Richard Nixon the 2nd worst president

    The Black Hole
    Liar, breaker of may laws, almost impeached (certainly would have if Ford had not pardoned him).
  16. Warren G Harding - Worst President Ever

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    Some of us still haven't forgotten the Teapot Dome Scandal...
  17. Jindal - worst president ever

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    www:where' easyonthesodsmods.pleasedonotdelete.preemptiveliesinprocess.gwb
  18. Worst Intersections! Did yours make the list?

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    Full List: America's Worst Intersections Jon Bruner, 02.25.09, 12:01 AM EST The bottlenecks in these 100 cities will slow you down the most. Read Full Story: America's Worst Intersections 2008 Rank 2007 Rank Area (Pop Rank) Road/ Direction Segment/ Interchange County State Length (Mi) Hours...
  19. What is the worst that a bad coolant temp sensor cause?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I think I have a bad CTS was replaced abotu 2 -3 years ago. I was scanning with a Scan tool (using a generic car) and the temp reading was jumping back and forth between 50 and 90*C (125 and 195*F). Does the coolant temp sensor affect the way the engine runs? I mean does the...
  20. George Bush: Worst ex-president ever!!!

    The Black Hole
    It's time to see if GW can continue his ineptness into the private sector. I beleive before being president he was never associated with a profitable company. The Bush library is looking for any documents or papers to on view since Gonzales took all of the previous documents home and shredded...