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  1. Wireless card/adapter for PC desktop?

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    My home desktop computer is being moved to a room away from our wireless cable router. Is there is a card or an adapter I can add to the desktop so I can use my wireless cable router? What do you recommend? TIA, Tom
  2. wireless hard drive questions...

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    I'm thinking of getting a WIFI hard drive for my daughter for the holidays. here's what I want it to be able to do: 1. auto backup of her Windows laptop 2. connect with my existing wireless network using my Time Capsule so she has internet access thru it. recall, she's had trouble staying on...
  3. Sound Bar w/ Wireless Sub Recommendation

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    I'm looking for a decent sound bar system with wireless subwoofer. Suggestion?
  4. Fastest & Longest Range Wireless Router & Extender - Help Please!

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    As title stated, I'm looking for the baddest & longest wireless router in the biz. Will also need something that can extend to every corner of the house & backyard. I'm not so much a techy guy when it comes to this kinda stuff, so something easy to setup is a plus. Initial search on Amazon I...
  5. Wireless Mouse Recommendation

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    My old trusted Logitech MX mouse is on it's last leg, the middle button is no longer responsive (I use this button often). In search for a mouse on Amazon, I see no less than 50 different types and I don't even know where to begin. I do lots of spreadsheet & CAD, so accuracy & responsiveness...
  6. Wireless Range Extender Recommendation

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    I currently have the D-Link DIR 655 wireless router. I need to extend the range to the outside patio. Any suggestion or recommendation? TIA
  7. Questions about the 1998 1.8T Central Lock

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi. I have a 1998 1.8T Passat, and i was wondering about the central lock there. Is there any way for me to install a wireless central lock? Since all 4 of the doors are already wired together with the standard key-in-door central lock, is there any way to just add the wireless thingy ? :)...
  8. xbox 360 wireless headset

    Misc for Sale
    works great $25 shipped anywhere in the u.s shipped priority mail....
  9. Windows 7 help - how to find the MAC address for my wireless card

    Off-Topic Forum
    like the title says - how do I find the MAC address for the wireless card so I can set up my Apple Airport to recognize it? I know how to handle the Airport; I need to know how to find the wireless card MAC addy on the new PC. Windows 7 is not for OS literate people...
  10. wireless networking

    Off-Topic Forum
    I am getting tired of bumbling through my network and eventually getting things to work. I think I need some formal training so I can get things done on my first or second try, not fourth and fifth... Can you point me to where I should be looking? FYI what I'm trying to accomplish now is...
  11. Netbook and Wireless Question

    Off-Topic Forum
    How can my wireless card not work if I haven't used it for over 8 hours and it worked JUST fine before shutting it off?
  12. wireless router recommendations

    Off-Topic Forum
    I am looking for a new wireless N router to add to my fios router. I'm hoping to be able to stream HD content to a PC 2 floors down. also basically speed up that PC's connection. of what I've read, I'll need a dual band to be able to achieve "N" speeds while other G devices are active...
  13. PS 3 Wireless connex thru an Apple Airport hub

    Off-Topic Forum
    For those of you who have set up PS 3 wireless connectivity thru an Apple Airport wireless hub, what are your settings? My daughter is really getting into Little Big Planet, and wants to see what other worlds people have built. I'm having a little trouble with it. I got the PS 3 to retrieve...
  14. This poor woman has a problem connecting to wireless internet

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    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=""...
  15. Simple Wireless Networking Question

    Off-Topic Forum
    It's a simple wireless networking question, and usually I'd just turn to google, but my search has just left me more confused. Can someone walk this little baby through the installation process? I have a laptop and Xbox 360 upstairs in my room. The house computer is downstairs with DSL. It came...
  16. improving FIOS signal (wireless)

    Off-Topic Forum
    I stepped up from dsl to fios. in doing so, I'm forced to use verizon's router. I used to use a linksys wireless router with two antennas, each upgraded with high gain (larger) antennas. the fios router has one antenna (which I can't swap) One of my pc's is two levels down, using a linksys...
  17. Home wireless network, how to be big brother

    Off-Topic Forum
    So my kids, 8 and 9, now have ipod touches, thanks to santa. Against my better judgement I have allowed them on the wireless network at home. They like to watch lego star wars clips on you tube, stuff like that. So, the question is, is there a way to monitor what sites they are accessing on...
  18. I need some wireless networking help

    Off-Topic Forum
    Here's the deal, I have a wireless network in the house right now. Laptops connect just fine. The problem is NONE of my game systems will connect when I have the network secured. When it's unsecured everything connects fine, as it should, but obviously an unsecured network is NOT the way to go...
  19. Wireless networking help

    Off-Topic Forum
    This is for all of you pc guru's that know about all of this. I have an ASUS router and a Belkin network adapter. The router is setup properly right now with no security settings to its easy to connect to it. I know this since my laptop can and does connect no problem. The problem lies with...
  20. F.S. Belkin N Wireless USB Adapter

    Off-Topic Forum
    Bought this about 6 months ago and decided to just hard wire my desktop. Paid 70 @ Best Buy...looking for $45 shipped in the 48. Disconnects from base so that is can be portable for laptops.