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    The Promo Code BIG15 Adds Additional 15% Savings Site Wide (On Top Of 60% Clearance Too!) Discount Ramps—contrary to their name—offers a wide range of automotive cargo hauling equipment, and running alongside their massive clearance sale (markdowns up to 60%), they've offered up an additional...
  2. Wheel and Tire Forum
    As the thread says i have a 2001.5 sedan. Will it rub on a control arm or do i need spacers? I currently have 245/45/17/8 and its close enough that i cant fit my pinky, so i'm wondering if it's going to be a super close fit? and then, will i need my fenders pulled? :hmmm:
  3. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Has anyone put a 18x10" in the rear? Need info on Getting them to fit, like rolling fenders, and possibly even flares or something
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2003 GLX 4Motion wagon, ATQ 2.8L V6 ----------------------------------------- I started taking stuff off to get ready for TB replacement. The bumper removal was pretty easy and am at the final step before swinging wide the lock carrier. However... here is where I need a little help from the V6...
  5. New Member Introductions
    ive seen 10.5 with some meaty stretch, anyone seen 11?
  6. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I just picked up a set of 07 passat wheels, 7.5 x 17 ET47 with 215/45R17 tires. Does anyone know if these will fit on my 04 passat or if I will need a spacer for the fronts to avoid the suspension. Thanks, Ken
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    What do you guys think??? Is this worth putting on? Or its going to be imposible to drive anywere?? I have actually got the kit already it was last one i found and it was shiped from germany somewere. I might decide to sell it.
  8. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Blades test fit (4) by nella1b, on Flickr Blades test fit (1) by nella1b, on Flickr Blades test fit (2) by nella1b, on Flickr Blades test fit (3) by nella1b, on Flickr As you can see I have a set of sawblades that are 9.5 wide all the way around. I bought 2 adapters at 25mm wide not...
  9. Vehicles For Sale
    I'm bring this back from the dead!! If its not sold before it get warm I'm parting it out. parts list: ENGINE APR Stage III, Evolution Motorsports (EVOMS) Front Mount Intercooler Forge Diverter Valve K&N Drop-in Filter TT downpipe...
  10. The Showroom
    Since I have seen a lot of stretch, poke, wide wheel threads getting closed and locked as of lately I figured I would start one for all of us who do believe it looks good. Lets start whoring this out. my old setup
  11. Wheel and Tire Forum
    How much of an off-set can you go in the front on an 18x9,5" wheel before it rubs the coil? Im interested in a set with a ET48 off-set. That going to work, or does it need to come out a bit? I was thinking 225/40 tires.
  12. Wheel and Tire Forum
    What size tire do you have on them and does it protect the edge of the rim from pothole hits? I've got 225's on mine and I just cracked my second rim on a bad road in the last year or so. I'm running 45lbs of pressure so that's not really the issue, but the tire is slightly stretched and so it...
  13. Events & Gatherings
    Y'all know about the Great Guinness Toast? How about a Great Passat GTG? Same day, same time, various local locations for various regions, but all coordinated to occur together. Every member of the board spread the word, and try to get as many Passats, or just VWs in general to attend. What...
  14. Anything Auto
    Since I have a few members asking me about lips all the time, what to do to dismantle etc.... Here is some pictures to clarify a bit. there is possibility that you can break the bolt head off these bolts and need to drill and extract. you can use any color primer as the silver base...
  15. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Can I see some 10 inch wide rims in the front or rear with a 25 offset? any height rim will do just want to see a 10 inch wide with a 25 offset thanks :)
1-15 of 101 Results