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    I have for sale a brand new Tan leather (more like brown) Wheelskins steering wheel cover, fits the standard 3-and 4- spoke mk4/b5/b5.5 wheels. It's brand new in box, comes with the leather, instructions, thread, and needle. online they go for $40 + shipping, I have a couple options for you...
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    FS: Wheelskins Leather Steering Wheel Cover **SALE PENDING** **SALE PENDING**Anyone want a brand new Wheelskins genuine cowhide leather black steering wheel cover size AXX? Perfect fit for the B5/B5.5 Passat. $25 shipped to 48 states. I paid $34.95 for it. Cheap interior upgrade that resembles...
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    Had a leather wrapped steering wheel in the previous car, would like to do up the plastic one I gots now in the GLS. I've seen Wheelskins batted around here, are there any other options? Any caveats with Wheelskins? Thanks all--
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    Looking to replace my OEM "leatherette" shift boot on my '98 Passat, and was wondering if anybody had purchased and installed the Wheelskins shift boot on their Passat. The Wheelskin gray is a near identical match for the OEM gray. I refuse to purchase another "leatherette" boot and the OEM...
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    What are your opinions on these? Those of you that know, what are the differences between the two?