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    I am selling my 2000 Passat (Upgraded to an '09 GTI :driving:) so I am considering selling the ECU separately instead of with the car. It is a Wetterauer 1.1 BAR chip designed for ATW engine and Tiptronic. Wetterauer Engineering GmbH - Datenblatt: Volkswagen Passat B5 1.8 Turbo I am selling...
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    1998 AEB 90k on the chip. this is a friend's account so disregard his car info. thanks, Sam
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    got a few parts i need to sell before i can purchase another b5. will upload pics on sunday. Shipped to con US i will be possession of the car in the link in the near future i will be...
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    I have a 2002 1.8 AWM Tip. ECU is socketed, this is my sons car and he does not need chip. I will be able to send my ECU to you, so you don't have any downtime with your car. Then you swap your ECU with my socketed ECU and then ship me your ECU.
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    I'v sold my Passat and pulled the Wett chipped socketted CPU from it. I've got three chips for the CPU; the OEM factory ship, a 1.0 bar chip, and I think the third may be a 1.1 bar chip. My car was working fine, but the old lady that bought my car doesn't know anything about performance chips...
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    Anyone have a suggestion on someone who can socket a Wett chip I bought second hand? I live south of Jacksonville, but wouldn't mind a road trip to get it done if need be.
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    My ECU is socketed, but I lost the stock chip a few years ago while moving. I am looking to go back to stock. My car is a 1.8t AWM. I am not sure what other information is required. I will be able to send my ECU to you, so you don't have any downtime with your car. Then you swap 'em and...
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    fs four upper control arms sold fs wett 1.1 bar chip for ecu ending in bh 2000 atw automatic $450 shipped also i might also be selling oil pressure guage, and oil temperature guage with sender's pm if interested
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    el capitan knows what this is about! :driving: :( My wastegate has busted open this week after giving me problems for the last year that I couldn't trace exactly- I'm now no longer able to hold boost pressure. But it's cool, because I have a normally-aspirated 1.8 in my MkII GTI as well so...
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    FS - Wett Chip from Aug 2005 Wett group buy (Kelly) It's been about a year since I sold the Passat. I had a 2004.5 Passat 1.8T Variant w/ Tip. It was installed in ECU part #4B0 906 018 DP The chip # is 369_320.U02 (1.1 bar) Asking $100 shipped. Since the socket was on the original ECU...
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    Hi All, So I got a Wetterauer chip about 3-3.5 years ago for my 03 Passat 1.8T GLS and I was coming up on my 5yr/60k miles and so I decided to put the stock chip back into the socket of my ECU before I brought the car into it's final service at the dealership. However, now that I put the chip...
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    *** WITHDRAWN *** Sorry. Traded Variant with chip (!) - got a real decent trade $.
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    I've purchased the chip from another member, but the local shop says they need soldering pins to mate it to my ECU. They have GIAC pins, but tell me that they're not the same. Where can I get such a thing? Thanks!
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    $175 inmotion vs $499 apr is there a $325 difference? anyone have inmotion?
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    As message states this is for a 1.8t ATW, 4B0 906 018 BH is the number on it and its currently in my car being driven happily. I have local APR support and would prefer the local support for my developing car. So the Wett chip, though loved, needs to move on out! This is straight up for sale...
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    2000 passat ATW, will also work with same options/year on an A4. So heres the deal, I've got local support for APR now, and I definitely didnt when I originally bought the chipped ecu. The ecu comes socketed with the wett chip on it and the stock chip comes in a nice little plastic case like...
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    Delete! I posted in wrong section!
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    **Just got an APR chip. Thanks guys** I'm looking for a WETT chip for my 1998 1.8T 5SPD Passat. Either a chip or a chipped ECU will work, depending on price. Will consider swap for stock ECU if offered chipped ECU. I guess I'm not just looking for WETT, but I figured they would be on the...
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    I'm selling my Wetterauer 1.0bar chip for my 2004 1.8T fwd/tiptronic. This is an actual physical chip (not flash software) so you can send this along with your ECU to the Steve's European Automotive, the current Wett distributor, to get resocketed for a fee less than what it would cost to...
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    Works flawlessly and has never been removed so the pins are intact and in good shape. New goes for $500 but will sell for $200. You can send this along with your ecu to get it reprogrammed/socketed ( Benefit of Wett chip over other brands: 1. smooth curve...