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  1. Had I wasted the money on a new "antique" instrument cluster?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    It is my own fault. I bought an instrument cluster from VW outlet recently without first pulling my old one, during an exhilarating excitement thinking that I can fix my fading cluster for $50-60. I was overconfident on my reading of ETKA's part number document and ordered 3B0-919-930-SX two...
  2. Interior Mods: Wasted Spaces

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well after recently seeing a thread where someone morphed in a tire monitor into their front ash tray i wanted to do the same. but im looking for some neat ideas to put stuff in the front ashtray, center armrest (fuzzy tray part) and rear arm rest area. post some ideas please. this was built...
  3. $4 billion wasted but do we care?

    The Black Hole
    Everyone seems to complain about which candidate said what about the war in Iraq. In the meantime our continues to be wasted in the billions of dollars. Why aren't the candidates talking about it? Report: Empty prison in Iraq a $40M 'failure'...
  4. Help needed on suspension install, totally wasted weekend!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, Well this weekend i thought i would get cracking with installing my Spax adjustable dampers and springs & RedDot grooved brake disc's (rotors) and pads and paint my calipers. I printed off HermannH's suspension install instructions. All was going good, got the lower control arm bolt out...
  5. Double Din Disaster, or 2.5 wasted hours this morning

    Anything Auto
    Steven accosted me when I woke up with "my radio doesn't turn on. And my changer hasn't worked since last friday. Two weeks." I agreed to have a look. I attempted to remove the blasted thing to be foiled by a bit of trash stuffed into one of the keyholes (in the HU). No doubt my beloved...
  6. Wasted space at top of forum page

    New Forum Issues
    I am sorry if this has already been raised as an issue (I looked, but didn't see anything on it)... Can anything be done about the large amount of space being used at the top of the forum pages? Almost half of the page is consumed with the header bar with the ads plus the white area below it...