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  1. V6 CTS old O-ring has dug in and prepared for the long war

    B5 Garage
    Hey all, Sorry about the awful title I'm just a little enthused at the prospect of finally finding out why the new CTS wouldn't fit into the flange (I think it's called?). I replaced the CTS 6 months ago and the new one wouldn't fit with the O-ring it came with and so I flippantly dismissed the...
  2. Obama: The new war president

    The Black Hole
    According to Michael Moore's open letter, now confirmed, OBama is now the new war president What kind of political leverage can Michael Moore put together unify anti-Afghan war people?
  3. The War: Wall Street vs Main Street...only on Pay per vew!

    The Black Hole
    Is there a war or did CNN just make this up? Are there fundemental differences between Wall Street and Main Street's objectives? Is it possible to have economic policy that will satisfy both? Discuss...
  4. How is that war in Afganistan working out?

    The Black Hole I guess we know why Russia gave up, eh?
  5. Joe, got any war stories?

    The Black Hole
    If Obama doesn't watch it, Joe Biden is going to pass him up at telling tall tales.
  6. Are we in a holy war?

    The Black Hole
    Palin prayed for our troops and their mission, OMG! Sounds like she is in good company there Charlie.
  7. Build permanant 5th colony or keep war colony

    What do you think? My scores are slipping because I've not built a permanant 5th colony. The option of having a war colony is nice but I've only used it once. Not sure when I'll use it again. Is worth continuing to hold off construction on a permanant colony?
  8. War against BLK_L is over

    Despite my desire to say f' it and destroy their idiot leader, we've agreed to end the war with BLK_L. This means no future attacks on any of their members (and they will not attack us). Let me know if there are issues. Once again, PACK flexes it's muscle and adversaries crumble. ;) :lol...
  9. ATTENTION: Preparing for war against BLK_L

    Per my in game message: OK, so here's the deal with BLK_L so that we're on the same page: The reason the war between DAC and BLK_L started was because one of BLK_L's members attacked a DAC member with wollow up attacks by a couple other players. The DAC member asked for help from his...
  10. Explain how we can beat Iran in a war...

    The Black Hole
    If we can't get control of Afganistan. ---> Western officials in Kabul say heavy fighting in the mountains of northeastern Afghanistan has killed nine American soldiers and a large number of Taliban militants. Accounts of the clash Sunday...
  11. DAC at war with BLGHT

    DAC (#92), a local alliance in my area, is at war with BLGHT (#64). I consider DAC an ally. Their leader wanted to join PACK at one time, prior to us accepting "outside" members, and they assisted with attacks on TURAN. I also have a military treaty with them (for whatever that's worth)...
  12. TURAN war over?

    Is anyone still pillaging them? Or enjoying "bashing" them? Or should I call it off? I noticed most of them have either: 1. Changed their user and town names or 2. Fled the alliance or 3. Gone on vacation Looks like a victory to me. Im a bit worried though...they may have relocated to...
  13. The War is on!

    CEGa and Vile (formerly TOPS) have declared war on LUX.:icon_eek: Edit: Condensed version: CEGa is bored and VILE thinks LUX has gotten fat, lazy, and is not building enough military to protect what they have. No terms from CEGa, but VILE is demanding 68,000 of each resource (900 per...
  14. Ready to declare war against....

    Lux, Vx3, or CnC? I'm not! There is one Lux, two Vx3, and two CnC on my marble island.....and they are all big. :lol:
  15. Parking War

    Anything Auto
    Wow, one of out Audi brethren seems to have started a war with a parking enforcement company: It's a long read but it has been condensed from the original thread. So PW, do you agree with what this guy did? Is this guy a hero or a...
  16. News networks don't care about war anymore

    The Black Hole
    Reporters Say Networks Put Wars on Back Burner The Daily Show interview Damn, she's hot, I'd watch the news every night if I knew she was on.
  17. The spoils of war!

    All those who inadvertently received gifts from the Turks during blockades, please post your spoils here so we can gloat with you. :thumbup:
  18. Declared war

    I officially declared war on the Ikariam forums... At 10:48 pm (PST) we're allowed to "bash".
  19. We should declare war on anyone who...

    Names their town: 1) Sparta 2) Rome 3) Athens 4) Troy 5) Alexandria 6) Polis (over level 8) 7) a variation on the resource the island produces (Marbopolis) 8) New anything.... ESPECIALLY New Rome, New Sparta or New Athens... New Troy... New Alexandria. I can't figure out which Rome I attacked...
  20. Im at war with LUX alliance

    just kidding happy fathers day all