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  1. Anybody wanna check out a car for me? Walpole, MA

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    Curious to know if anybody lives near Walpole, MA. There is a black on black W8 6sp manual for sale I'd be interested in for a project car. Any takers on checking it out for me?
  2. blalalala I just wanna post my questions

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    Please review quick
  3. wanna check out your own OBD-II for virtually nothing?

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    $60, software is free - you pay only for the interface hardware. Former Tesla Intern Releases $60 Full Open Source Car Hacking Kit For The Masses - Forbes
  4. hi i wanna see all the slammed b5s out there

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    lets seem yo
  5. Anyone from Hawaii wanna help a braddah out with Vag-com???

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    Aloha! I'm a new first time VW owner! 2013 Passat SE owner, and have been doing research on trying to see what can be done to these B7's, and after researching, I've learned that these cars don't use your basic OBD tool, but use a Vag-com tool??? I've been looking into trying to get my windows...
  6. POTM - Im interested in bringing it back.. anyone wanna help make it happen?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I dont know about everyone on here, But I love my car and Im pretty sure alot of you guys and girls do too. lets get this going again. :):wrench::thumbup:
  7. B5.5 2002 130 TDi G180 crash sensor trouble I wanna swallow a grenade

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    Hi folks I'm at a dead end with this one I've had a g180 fault on my passat initially after researching on the forums I thought dodgy sensor so got 3 from the scrap yard tried all three and the fault still remains. I've tried to clear it each time using the little computer and each time on the...
  8. So you wanna buy a Passat? Warning: Long winded post

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Edit: that was supposed to be - So you wanna buy a Passat? Disclaimer: I am not trying to discourage anyone from buying a Passat. My sole purpose is to inform and possibly educate the person new to the Passat scene. Here is my story. Back in March of this year I decided to buy my second...
  9. wanna say HI : )

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    New member wanna say hi 2 all hoping a great times and penefit in our Vw forum :wrench: .
  10. wanna post in our classifieds? READ THE RULES!

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  11. Rear Cupholder Broken.. I wanna fix it.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So the day I bought my car (been a year), the rear cupholder has been broken. I believe it just came off the spring track, and I don't know how to get it back on. I may have to glue some pieces together or something, but.. Its something thats not perfect. My baby deserves to be perfect...
  12. Anyone in Lower MI wanna help do TB

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    Looking for sombody in lower Michigan to help do timing belt swap on my 99 B5 1.8T
  13. I wanna see some B5.5 with Bra on it

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    Share pics here :) Thanks
  14. I wanna dump valve!!!! Wooootissss

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    Where abouts do i put a dump valve? when i had my airbox off i saw a what looked like a recirc valve with a 1/4" tube coming from the top going to a coonnection underneath the inlet manifold, is this where i would put a direct replacement and if so could you give me an idea as to which one to...
  15. i am from san antonio i wanna

    USA - South
    see all the other vDUBs here pics and a lil info we need to get a meet started here Here is mine its a 2001 b5 v6 pes g2 supercharger 9 psi b&m short shifter h&r sport springs bilstein shocks h&r sway bars badgless grill 10k hids
  16. Wanna lower a bit... opinions welcomed

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Okay, I've read many many threads on lowering (from those that are slammed to 1BE, and everything in between), and checked out the official lowered thread, but I'm looking for opinions based on experience and others with similar wants/requirements. I'm looking to slightly lower (I know many...
  17. So you wanna build a stroker motor

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    i got your crank shaft right here :lol:
  18. Help with buying a car (you know you wanna help)

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    My mom is looking to get a new car. Now that most of her kids are grown up (or growing older), she finally gets to trade in the minivan and get something fun and sporty. She hasnt had anything other than a family car since she had to sell her beloved CRX SI in 1990 (absolutely loved it, never...
  19. staggerd rims.... wanna see pics

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    if anyone gots pics of staggard rims on a 5.5 sedan please post them about to be buyin some rims soon thinkin of the staggard look all help is appreciated
  20. Anybody wanna loan me $75k? (1963 Corvette Grand Sport)

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    Here's a 'Vette I'd actually own. 464HP Super AFR ZZR 5.7 V8 Drool.