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    anyone parting out or have a Tip adapter available? i prefer the Wal adapter, as it seems to have fewer problems, but will take an SPP one. thanks
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    Like the post says I'm looking for someone who might want to sell their tip shift adapter. I would prefer Wal's version but if you have SPP's newer version of theirs I would consider that as well.
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    ok i hear that walmart sells an adaptor to put a manual shift knob on a tip. what the hell is it called at walmart? I've checked the search function and cant find any info. can someone help?also how much is it? TIA darin
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    Brand new, never installed. Paid $65.00. I don't know what Wal is selling these for now, but I believe it is higher than $65.00. I'll take $50.00 + shipping.
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    Postert Dealer Advanced Motorsport Tuning Tip Shifter Adapter(this is my own design) RRP $125AU. This is my working project