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  1. Will Republicans vote Democrat to avoid Trump?

    The Black Hole
    The world is watching, and as the closest neighbor ...we're a bit scared - like some Americans I guess? What is the probability that if Trump gains the GOP nomination that the majority of Republicans will either not vote, or cast their vote for a Democrat to avoid the Trump? Another point of...
  2. Vote on my new project. Keep it? Off with it? Or finish it?

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Just finished a little project on my grill. Not sure if I like it. I'm 50/50 on keeping it. Let me know your guys feeling on it Before: After with added chrome trim: Get rid of it? Like it? Finish the top horizontal bars as well? Or take it all off and go back to all black. Post your...
  3. Dont forget to Vote!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
  4. help vote for me please!

    New Member Introductions
    hey everyone, if any of you of your family members have facebooks, can you all please take a second and click on this link and "like" my photo, it is for a contest im in and the picture with the most likes wins... any "likes" are appreciated thanks, and hope everyone haves a good one! David...
  5. Vote for Zach!

    The Showroom
    Repost. WOOPS! ha
  6. Please Vote for...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    either brushed aluminum look or chrome mirror caps. car is 2003 Black GLX wagon and the mirror covers are a bit ragged with scratches. current wheels are VMR 710's in bright silver, but probably going to a black face wheel with machined lip. windows have 20% tint. guess previous owner was...
  7. Where should I put This? Please Vote

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    have a German flag euro badge. car is a black wagon with sunshine beige/black interior combo. already have euro V6 emblem with red 6. trying to keep car colors to black/red/silver/yellow. should the flag emblem go in front of the V6 or on the other side of hatch where PASSAT use to be. I am...
  8. Georgians: Don't forget to vote on December 2!

    The Black Hole
    You get to pick between a liberal (Jim Martin) and a kid toucher (Saxby Chambliss). Well sweet potatah pie anna shut my mouf, Big Daddy!
  9. Screw Buffett and Powell, Joe the Plumber says vote McCain

    The Black Hole Clearly he would be Sec. of State material in a McCain administration. Seriously, this guy believes that his views should be regarded with such importance that he would make a public endorsement like this? It will be interesting...
  10. Republicans - Why you must vote for Obama

    The Black Hole
    I was talking yesterday with a friend who works for GM. We both observed that the $25 billion dollar loan the domestic car companies are seeking from the government looked big a week ago. Today, it looks like a note on a 10 year old Chevy. Until late afternoon the cost of bailing companies out...
  11. New Canuklehead Forum set up vote

    Ok gentlemen . Lets vote on our new set up . so I want a show of hands on 1 )The name of our new forum The Canukleheads 2) Suggestions as to what we should do subforums ?? or stickies after that . Here are the subforum or stickies that I have proposed . a) Off topic It is...
  12. (((((( Please vote for my Variant as the "Ride of the Month" @ EuroTuner ))))))

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    (((((( Please vote for my Variant as the "Ride of the Month" @ EuroTuner )))))) Fellow B6 owners please vote for my Variant as the "Ride of the Month" at, click the link below and select "5" to vote, THANKS! :thumbup...
  13. I wonder who the Communists are going to vote for?

    The Black Hole
    At least we have a good idea here in Texas. From the Obama HQ in Texas. Bwahahahahaha!
  14. Does A Celebrity Endorsement sway your vote?

    The Black Hole
    CNN posed this question today and I was curious if it helped change who you plan on voting for....
  15. Ron Paul has my vote.... now make your donation..

    The Black Hole
    just donated $100 @ I really like this guy, he's smart; and his idea that we do not have deal with other countries' issues... all we need is to keep our own country running right.. why spend $$$ oversea? Moral or not, We are...
  16. Please vote for TRN!

    Anything Auto
    Please, please, please make this happen. I'm so tired of sifting through NASCRAP to get some real racing. IMO, this is the perfect racing lineup. From the site; A CALL TO MOTOR RACING FANS Non-NASCAR fans: We are getting closer to launch and need your...
  17. In need of new tires... I've picked 5... how about a vote?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've narrowed my choices to the following based on TireRack pricing and buyer ratings: Conti Extreme Contact $ 97 Kuhmo Ecsta ASX $80 YokoHama Avid H4 $105 Bridgestone RE960 AS $135 Pirelli Pzero Nero M+S $129 I currently have the Pirelli's on all 4 coners.... well what's left of them; I'm...
  18. Why doesn't the Senate vote on Kyoto?

    The Black Hole
    Seeing as global warming is so important to many people today and Kyoto was signed by the President (Clinton already signed it so it's arguably already in the Senate's court), why doesn't the Senate vote on approving the Kyoto treaty?
  19. Trading Up? Vote now.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Whaddya think about trading up from the Dub to one of these? Vote for Option A/B 540/528 or for NWBAPBITBMW "Not worth being a pretentious bastard in the BMW" or "PB" for short. OPTION A: '98 BMW 540i 123k w/Dinan chip, wheels, coils/springs, OPTION B: '99 BMW 528i 93k w/sport pkg, local...
  20. Senate/House Majority vote 4 war profiteering

    The Black Hole
    This happened a while ao, but worthy of revisiting being that now the "Iraq war is keeping America safe" rhetoric has been flushed into spin never, never land.... So why are we in Iraq if it is making us less safe, we are spending 6 billion/month, our soldiers are dying and we are making the...