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    A local radio station had a car show this last weekend, the show was crap but the local Volvo dealer brought these cars... I like the fishies :)
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    Sea water and little shake... No good for car :)
  3. Anything Auto
    From today's NY Times: By GREGORY CROUCH Lots more at And a very cool PDF about how they do it:
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    i think volvos getting carried away with its cross series! but imagine how much groceries you could carry <![CDATA[ but imagine how much groceries you could carry [Modified by 20vvillian, 10:33 AM 3/26/2003]
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    SInce I can't find a volvo enthusiasts site and my wife drives a volvo, I'm wondering if anybody here can help me out. She has 90k miles on a volvo 850 turbo (1995) and we want to switch to synthetic. Just wondering if anybody can answer the following: 1. What brand of synthetic should she...