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  1. more vintage VW

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  2. Vintage sports car query

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    We're considering getting a toy car to putter around in (and with) and basically we've got it down to one of these: Alfa Romeo Spyder (any vintage) Fiat Spyder (any vintage) Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite Triumph TR4 or TR6 MG A MG B (but pre-big bumpers and smog crap) I know that's a...
  3. Me and my vintage '03 passat

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    just wanted to say hello!
  4. Vintage Race Car Crashes

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    My friend emailed this to me today, thought I'd share. I winced once, maybe twice...OK, a whole lot of times! Vintage Race Car Crashes on ...while I find it quite amusing, that probably not long after the first motor vehicle was invented (lets say a week...LOL), people were already...
  5. Several unique small vintage euro cars I ran across

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    I ran across this collection of cars parked down a side street and shot some video. Some I recognized, and some were new to me.
  6. Vintage Espada for sale

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    Wow... one of my long-time dream cars: If I had the storage space and the deep pockets for maintenance, i'd snap this baby up quickly.
  7. Vintage 250 TR hits the wall at Laguna Seca

    Anything Auto You gotta have respect for a guy who owns a $8M car and actually races it. This isn't an isolated incident, either - a friend at a local shop just finished repairing bodywork on that exact car a...
  8. Vintage VW for sale!!

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    Somebody in CA hop on this...
  9. WTB: Vintage VW Beetle

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    I know, I know...wrong forum but if anyone has a vintage Beetle or knows of one for sale, I'm in the market. Thanks James
  10. Bonelli Park Vintage Watercooled GTG

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    I tried to get a Socal Passat GTG going on here at the same time so it was Uber cool. But I was the only Passat. My Favorite Picture: Kids we were playing with: And the beautiful phographer:
  11. Zodiac vintage Dubs

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    Anyone catch the cherry vintage VDubs in the Zodiac flick? The main character drives an orange Rabbit. One of the victims drove a beautiful white Ghia with black roof. Another scene involves a dark blue Bug in the background.
  12. Vintage Car Show (Dial-up - No way!)

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    Every year a small winery ( Botham Vineyards ) in WI puts on a vintage car show (last year I also posted some pictures from our trip). A different manufacturer is featured each year. This year's feature was Ford. If you live within 6 hours or so of Madison, WI (MN, WI, IL, IA) this is a...
  13. Vintage Racing pics. 56k? I don't know what that is.

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    Look at what I got to see this weekend! Vintage racing at Road America (Elkhart Lake, WI) There were a lot of cool cars there! :cool: What trips your trigger? I'm sure it was there. Oh, and the best part, it only cost $15 to be there. Take a look... (I have even higher resolution versions...
  14. Where to find 60's vintage looking CD receiver

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    Mods, If this belongs in OT, please move, thanks. I picked up GAPassatman's 69 Merc 220 Sedan last weekend and it really needs some tunes. I want to do a stealth install because it would be a crime to cut an interior as nice as this one. First I need a CD head unit that fits into the original...