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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    For those interested...I looked for months for OEM wellingtons, or wheel/tire oem VW package that would fit my 03 passat. I couldn't get a decent price... I finally gave up and Vince hooked me up with a great deal...I was leery at first...wondering if it would fit properly. Vince assured me...
  2. USA - Central
    hey everyone just joined, just got my first vw 04 1.8t 58k Upcoming Mods tints drop suspension grill torque converter i dont know anything about cars, so any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated heres some pics
  3. USA - West
    Just purchased a 2004.5 V6 GLX, and what a ride! We haven't taken any road trips yet, but our first trip will be up to Portland. Just picked it up 3 days ago :D No mods yet... I'm waiting for my wife to take a trip back to Colorado and I'll surprise her with a few starters. Tinted windows...
1-3 of 7 Results