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  1. staggered c5 vette 5x120 wheels full set - $385

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    staggered c5 vette 5x120 wheels full set - $385
  2. my c4 vette wheels for your lowering springs and complete roof rack for b5 sedan v6

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    i posted all the info bout the wheels on this page just look it up. just a feeler on the trade cause im looking for them.
  3. Vette Wheels

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    SOLD!! 650 picked up w/adapters.. philly area.. the rears have some curbage. But all 4 new tires.. Falken 512 on the rear and 912's the front.. 17x8.5 (205/45/17) front and 18x9.5(225/40/18) rear. Adapters are 1" up front and 1.3" rear. Comes with bolts and lug nuts too and...
  4. 2010 Vette + Road Rage/MVA = Kia Soul

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    Yup. I'm driving a rental Kia Soul. My front end is demolished. Long story short; a very fat, 64 yr old retired cop in a hot, super clean '10 Corvette was insulted that I took the inside track on a sweeping highway exit ramp. So he pursues me for a mile, four times trying to incite me - Homey...
  5. Vette wheels need to go

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    650 picked up.. philly area.. the rears have some curbage. But all 4 new tires.. Falken 512 on the rear and 912's the front.. 17x8.5 front and 18x9.5 rear and this is there current color.. spray painted gun metal..
  6. New Vette

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    errrrrrrrrrrrr, 928 sorry AutoEXPRESS
  7. C4 Vette wheels/tires and adaptors

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    Holiday special!!! $850 shipped east/ $875 shipped to the west!!! offers/trades considered $950 shipped on the east coast!! $975 shipped to the west coast!!! Ive decided Im looking to go coilovers so the vette wheels are being sacrificed. Been on the car a little over two months. Tires are...
  8. Pictures of my new Vette

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    I haven't posted on this forum in, what appears to be, about 2yrs. I had a 01 Passat a LONGGGGGGGGGG time ago. I played with it for a bit before unloading it and embarking on a journey that lead to owning some thrilling automobiles. I see there are still some members around that MAY remember...
  9. SS Vette Spy Photos

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    if this is a repost sorry :bowdown:
  10. Astronaut Gus Grissom's 427 'Vette for sale on eBay

    Anything Auto One of the original Mercury Astronauts, he was the second American in space, the first American to go into space twice, and would have been the first to do so three times had he not died tragically in January...
  11. GM's payola to Robert Reich; and your 'Vette is now a convertible!

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  12. Trapped in a Vette

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    Well, the company 2006 Corvette got a piggyback on a flatbed over to the dealership. Minor issue I guess and a good excuse for the boss man to be late for our morning meeting. It seems that he got locked in the car, for unknown reasons. He got in, pushed the "Start" button and nothing...
  13. So has anyone read through the specs on a 2006 Z06 Vette?

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    I seriously can't think of a better bargain. For $15k over the C5, it sure adds helluva lot of extra features. The quick summary: * LS7 7.0-liter/427-cubic-inch Gen IV V-8 with lightweight reciprocating components * 500 horsepower...
  14. C7 Vette spy shots

    Anything Auto Speechless But looks like its so fast that it ripped the wing off.... Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  15. So a Viper, and RX8, a Vette, and an AC Ace got really drunk

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    and stumbled into a porn shop run by a PT Cruiser who just saw Fast n Furious... The waiting list is open for a production of 25 cars per year. With any luck that production will never start.
  16. 2004 Chevy Lineup movie featuring the C6 Vette

    Anything Auto right click save as omg i want one soo bad....with delivery at the national corvette museum please :shock:
  17. C6 vette track video

    Anything Auto doesn't show ya much looks wise but the performance is there
  18. CLK55 busts StageII LPE Vette! :-)

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    Last night my friend Don called me up and asked me to ride down to Route-28 and check out this Brabus C32. The Brabus car was a beast, but it got crushed by this lightly modified Vette. I tend to keep my fun on the track, but these arrogant jokers were talking trash and throwing around $$$$...
  19. Preview of New C6 vette

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    Here I love vettes. So raw, great sound, very fun for the buck. However, the new vette looks kinda of ugly. Nothing compared to the current vette which is beautiful and a great machine. I think they went wrong with the look of the fixed lights.