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  1. Hello from Sunny Las Vegas!

    New Member Introductions
    I am new to the forum. Thank you for welcoming me.
  2. Newbie from Vegas

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    Hi guys! My name is Tony and I own a 2004 Passat GLS. Looking forward to learning more about this vehicle in this forum.
  3. noob from UK living in Vegas

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    Hi all, moved to Vegas a few months ago with work from the UK, living here for three or four years. Bought a Jetta S for my work car and a CC for the family car. Liking them so far, charged the wheels and added led interior lights to both. Doubt I will do anything else. :)
  4. New Passat owner in Las Vegas

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    Good evening! My name is Tim and I just bought my first Passat. It is a 2001 b5.5 1.8t automatic with 189k on the clock. I love VWs and I have had an assortment of 5 different tdi's mostly jettas before. This is my first Passat and my first 1.8t. I picked it up for a whopping $800 from the...
  5. Come Visit Blauparts and Ravenol live at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas

    Vendor Marketplace
    Come check out Blauparts live @ the SEMA Show in Las Vegas! Visit with Kojan Detzmeier, Paul, Huri and Jim Blau at the Ravenol Booth (#34292). If you are a repair shop or parts distributor and would like to supply Ravenol products, please contact Jim Blau at the show or call (920) 758-3232...
  6. Any Las Vegas B5 owners

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    What's up guys wondering if there was any b5 owners that live here in Las Vegas, just lookin for people to hang out with and maybe start an club or something or if there is already one out there that has meets somewhere! By the way my name is Angel and I own 2003 w8 passat
  7. Hello from Las Vegas, NV

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    Hello everyone, well I am the former owner of a 2003 Passat Wagon. I have to say even though it started costing us an arm and a leg to maintain, I loved the car. However the maintenance got to be too much so I traded it for a 2008 Touareg. After 5 great years we are going back to the Passat...
  8. Las Vegas PART OUT: B5 OEM+ votex, eurogear, kamei. black on black w/wood

    Parts For Sale
    I have an early 2000 passat that I am parting out. please see link below - Las Vegas PART OUT: B5 OEM+ votex, eurogear, kamei. black on black w/wood
  9. Mechanic In Las Vegas

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My 01 Passat V6 B5 is having multiple issues (window not moving up, abs light on, air bag light on, coolant leak, no windshield water coming out, no hot air, etc) and looking for an honest mechanic in Las Vegas. Can be someone working from the garage is fine too as long as expert in passat and...
  10. First german car, noob from las Vegas

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    Hello everybody, I just bought my first german car and it is a 2000 passat 1.8t gls It looks very nice but there's some problems with it; barely started reading through the forum and I found many answers to some of my problems. I can't wait to get this baby up and running!
  11. Viva Las Vegas, Exotic pic content....

    Anything Auto
    Well, now that I'm out of Vegas and the deal is sealed I can finally break cover on my top secret mission. The folks got a smoking deal on a 2006 Maserati Gran Sport with 18,000 miles on the clock and wanted me to go along with my mom to inspect and drive it home. She's a beaut, complete with...
  12. Wuste2011 - Vegas

    The Showroom
    Here's a few from the 1200pics I took......
  13. Service in Las Vegas, NV

    Dealerships and Service
    Can anyone recommend a dealer in Las Vegas, NV for service?
  14. Anyone w/ vag-com in Vegas?

    USA - West
    I would like to see if anyone has one nearby in vegas to show me exactly what it is and what it does! I am more than happy to meet somewhere. I would probably end up getting one for me but am not sure. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. Vegas newbie!

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    hello everyone. I'm Michael live in vegas and just bought an 02 passat glx! So far I love it! have wanted to get in the vw family for a while w/ a touareg but thats not gonna happen w/ the economy anytime soon! So i am starting out w/ the passat! ;) Just found the r8 lights for the passat and...
  16. Las Vegas Indy

    B5 Garage
    Anyone know of one? We just bought a home there...and this is a "just in case" for when we visit. Thanks! :)
  17. Sports Car World Expo - Las Vegas - November 6th, 2010 Saturday

    Events & Gatherings
    For those that dont know me, I'm the organizer of the Big SoCal Euro Gathering's in San Diego to Los Angeles as well as the NorCal vs SoCal Euro events. I also the founder of The last couple of smaller events, we had over 600 cars each. The Big SoCal Euro Gathering event we do at...
  18. Barrett Jackson, Vegas

    Anything Auto
    OMFG... a 21 window micro bus just sold for $100,000!!!! It was MINT with all the goodies! Veyron coming up. *edit*... Veyron sold for $700,00. Quite the bargain considering they sold for $1.8M two years ago.
  19. Driving 320 miles to Vegas Friday, how should I prepare?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have done a lot of maintence to my VW in the past few months, things such as: timing belt, water pump, fuel filter, coils...but now I am taking my first long road trip since doing those things and I just want to make sure I am prepared. What would you recommend doing before hitting the road...
  20. Getting chipped in VEGAS...

    USA - West
    I have an 03 passat 1.8, i want to chip it/flash it but I want to do it locally here in Las Vegas, do any of you guys know where I can do it? Who makes the software/chip and how much did it cost you?