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  1. VDO sender for new south gauge ?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I got a few gauges used of the vortex. The pressure gauge is a new south electric and has a single orange sender wire. New south sells senders with plastic connectors for multiple wires but that'a not what I need. I've read about two post senders by vdo. Will that work as long as I get the...
  2. 1999 2.8L Passat AHA Maf

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello everyone, Can someone help me find the right MAF for my '99 Passat V6 2.8L AHA (99.9% confident it's AHA engine)? I have tried multiple sources and I believe that the part number is 078133471C. However, I cannot decide whether I want to go with VDO (Siemens) or Hitachi. Bosch does not...
  3. FS: NIB, 42DD Coolent Hose Temp Sending Coupler (Silver) With VDO Sender

    Parts For Sale
    Purchased from 42 Draft Design, never installed. If your adding a secondary H2O temp gauge, this billet inline coupler with supplied VDO sender is a simple solution. $47 + ship.
  4. ordering VDO pressure gauge, please clarrify for me

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i need to install a VDO oil pressure gauge and need clarification on what to order. i think i am going to need 2 things as i already have a new sender mechanic installed last month. Oil pressure relocation kit VW Oil Pressure Relocation Kit VDO Vision Series 80PSI Oil Pressure Gauge VDO...
  5. B5/B5.5/B6 OEM VDO Fuel Pump w/ assembly in great condition

    Parts For Sale
    On sale is a perfectly working OEM fuel pump w/ assembly that was pulled off a 2004 AWM passat 1.8t FWD. I'm told that this pump is shared with the B6 A4 due to VIN split. The brand is VDO and ECS sells it new for $240. $100 including shipping. Please note that the fuel tank cover is not...
  6. WTB : Sending units for VDO gauges

    Parts For Sale
    I have the 1992 audi 80 vdo gauge set, but no senders. Looking for the oil pressure and oil temp senders. The gauges I have are part #'s 893 919 541 - oil temp need 035 919 521B sender 893 919 551 - oil pressure need 035 919 561 (A) (the "A" might not be necessary since the car...
  7. Audi VDO gauges

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Was cleaning out the garage, and found 3 VDO gauges from *I think* and old audi 80? or 9000? Oil pressure, oil temp, and voltage. Anyways, connectors are still on the back, and a short length of wire... My question is, can these oil gauges be wired into the b5's oil pressure/temp sensors? Or...
  8. FS: VDO Boost Gauge w/ offset steering column pod

    Parts For Sale
    I have a VDO Boost Gauge with the offset steering column pod for sale. All in working condition, includes all the wiring and vacuum line to hook it up. I ran it through the firewall and the ECU box, and then tapped it between the FPR and Intake manifold. $60 shipped. :thumbup:
  9. APR 91 Octane chipped ecu+ VDO blue lit boost gauge

    Parts For Sale
    Just like the title says the Ecu is for engine code : 8D0 907 557 P I loved this addition to the car, boost up to 15-17psi and it makes the acceleration feel just great! The VDO gauge is in a top of the steering column set up easily wires right to the fuse panel just inside the driver door...
  10. VDO Vision boost gauge

    Parts For Sale
    VDO Vision boost gauge - SOLD Includes a nice black hard line, VDO mounting bracket and screws, and a T to install into a vacuum line. Model 150-121, 30in Hg to 25psi range. VDO: Vision Black Series Gauges: Boost and Turbocharger Gauges - $20 SOLD
  11. VDO Gauge Qs: (1) FilterPort (2) LED (3) installation kit

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Background: =========== I notice two things with my 2001 1.8T AUG (now 99k miles) (A) increasing audible whining noise when accelerating & rpm reaches 2k-3k range (audible but not laud - the tire noise at high speed/mph will overwhelm the whining noise). (B) feels like lack of power on...
  12. AEB GIAC Chipped ECU-Neuspeed Swaybar-NSP Pod & VDO Boost Guage

    Classified Archive
    I have sold my 1999 1.8 AEB Tiptronic Passat (got an A6). These are the parts I removed and are for sale: GIAC Chipped ECU (coded for Tip)-$250 plus shipping New South Performance steering column gauge pod with VDO boost gauge and blue backlight(with hose and tee)-$50 plus shipping Neuspeed rear...
  13. 42DraftDesigns Oil Pressure Relocation kit and VDO Oil Pressure Sender Unit

    Classified Archive
    *SOLD* Please delete
  14. FS: VDO Vision 25psi Boost Gauge

    Classified Archive
    Reads 30in/hg of vacuum to 25psi. Has a black face, and red or green lighting. I have the install hardware, including a vacuum line and T to tap into a boost line, and the original install instructions. This gauge was purchased from NewSouth Performance...
  15. VDO Boost Guage Lighted by 194Wedge Bulb?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just got a VDO Boost Guage 30 PSI Max do all of these Light up, I heard back in the day they use a 194 Wedge bulb to illuminate the majority of them, using a lighted display is this true? I have lots of Blue 194 LED Bulbs that would match guages perf. Anyone with a VDO Boost Guage 2 1/16" or...
  16. Stock ECU 8D0 907 557 P for AEB, VDO boost gauge

    Classified Archive
    Was cleaning the garage today and i found this two items laying around. The ecu is for a manual aeb and was working fine on my previous car until i went with a giac chipped ecu. Looking to get 100$ shipped OBO. The gauge also works but i cant find the light bulb harness, Ill let it go for 20$.
  17. HELP~~Where can I find user manuals for this Siemens VDO set?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just bought a Siemens VDO car CD/MP3 audio system for my B5. I got it installed last night and successfully unlocked it using security code. Does anyone know where can I find the user manual for this system? It seems it got some functions and I don't know how to operate them:crazy: Many...
  18. newsouth pod and VDO gauge

    The Showroom
    just fitted a newsouth gauge pod and a vdo boost gauge. Not happy with the pod as it just sits on top of the original shroud but the gauge is ok apart from the lighting is a slightly different colour
  19. VDO Boost gauge ?

    B5 Garage
    I installed a VDO boost gauge, and when I am running it appears to give typical readings (stock K03 w/1 bar chip anywhere form 8 to 13 psi). Anyway, my question has to do with when the car is off, it sticks around 6 or 8 PSI even when the car is off. When I first installed it, I'm pretty...
  20. FOR SALE: New South Performance Pod and VDO Gauge

    Classified Archive
    I can email pics. All parts included except the plastic T. Light color is white. $55 plus shipping Michael