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  1. FS V&S short shifter

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    For sale is a V&S short shifter, but I need a stock shifter back, if your local we can meet up and i will do all the work of swapping them. The unit is about 4 months old, shortens shifts and lowers the shift knob about 1 inch, Is on a 2000 atw. looking for 110 shipped
  2. Feeler: V&S shortshifter

    Group Buys
    Hey, I am in the market for a shortshifter and i think Innovative Performance Products V&S shifter is the one to go with. I was looking on their website and noticed the groupbuy part and i thought id check if anyone else was interested? We need atleast 15 people, and the price will be 134$...
  3. V&S short shifter on sale.

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    A repost from the general forum I know. I've noticed DG's sale is only for upper year passats. I found V&S on sale for $117 shipped. (yes, they are on ebay but they are being sold from the manufacturer) Thought I would pass on the good word for anyone with a 96-01. :thumbup: (7 left as of this...
  4. V&S short shifter (ebay for cheap)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, just picked up a V&S short shifter from ebay, theres still 8 more availiable for 117$ shipped. Thats like 15$ cheaper than the group buys. Sorry if this isn't the best price, or if its posted else where, just thought I would help out anyone looking into buying one. cheers :beer...
  5. V&S Short Throw Shifter GB

    Group Buys
    There is a group buy that is taking place on the Audizine forums for the shifter...I'm not hosting it but since this fits our car as well...Ok any Passat that uses the screw on knob anyway. The GB price is $125 US shipped, down from $159 shipped...good deal IMO. If you are interested go here...
  6. Feeler - V&S Short Throw Shifter

    Group Buys
    Well.. I've been researching short throw shifters and I'm torn between V&S and Dieselgeek.. both seem to be quality pieces at great prices. The V&S actual seems to be beautifully machined and has had a lot of positive feedback from end users. Standard price for the V&S is $144 plus $15...
  7. V&S short shifter kit for B5 (no .5) $144US Shipped

    Group Buys
    Here is a link for information on the shifter: ELIMINATES PUSH DOWN If you are interested, I need your email address. I installed one in my B5, and it feels awesome. Shortened throws...
  8. installed a V&S short shifter this past weekend and.....

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    installed a V&S short shifter this past weekend and....... wow, such shortened crisp shifts. It still feels European, but takes so much less throw. It was a bit of a hassle to put in, since I didn't have a couple tools needed (6mm hex drive, snapring pliers), but well worth it. Are there...