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  1. Valentine Radar!

    Mobile Electronics
    Thinking of getting the Valentine Hard Wired radar for the car. Does anyone have this setup in there car? I hat the look of radars on the windshield.
  2. Valentine Detectors

    Mobile Electronics
    Am I missing something or is THE only place to buy/order a Valentine radar detector from Valentine's own web site? Isn't there any other source that participates in that wonderfully American tradition of free market negotiating and price/Demand? I want the product but I'm not sure I've found the...
  3. Dirty Valentine Ecards

    Off-Topic Forum
    I'm sure some of you are more web savvy than I. Can you post some links to where I might find some funny/dirty Valentine's Day e-cards? Thanks
  4. For the fellas that could give a rats ass about Valentine's

    Off-Topic Forum
    For the fellas that could give a rats ass about Valentine's lovey dovey crap...
  5. Here's a Tip on Hardwiring the Valentine 1

    Mobile Electronics
    Cheers to GregH for posting hardwire instructions in the "Information" section. His tips were helpful, but I ran into a problem in that my local auto parts store didn't have a "Direct Wire Kit" which Greg mentions. They looked at me like I had 2 heads. After a brief period of...
  6. Valentine One

    Mobile Electronics
    After getting my 2nd speeding ticket in under a month...I finally ordered the V1. Should arrive tomorrow or Friday. 2 it any good at alerting you of laser guns? My last ticket was on a laser. The web site seems to say it detects laser but they don't spend much time on it. 2...
  7. Valentine 1 Mounting Question

    Mobile Electronics
    I just upgraded from Passport 8500 to avalentine 1. I did get the Remote Display unit & am wondering the best place to mount it. I have a 2003 Passat W8 Sedan.
  8. Valentine 1 Radar Detector...

    Group Buys
    Hey all... Has anyone ever tried to set up a group buy for the Valentine 1?? This is by far and away the best detector made... it always romps on the other guys, points out where the bad guys are, and it is made by the man who revoluntionized the industry in the first place. Normally, it is...
  9. Passport 8500 vs Valentine V1

    Mobile Electronics
    Anyone have any input on which is a better radar detector and why?
  10. Getting rid of more "mods" ( Valentine 1 , S2000 antenna )

    Classified Archive
    Is anyone here interested in getting a radar detector? I decided to sell my V1, there's 90% chance i'll be moving to Washington DC soon and i heard they don't allow detectors over there, so might as well have another B5 driver make use of it. I don't know what would be a good price to ask, it's...