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    An Android app for Valentine One: Valentine Research
  2. Misc for Sale
    1.8pop2 for sale $300 obo Text/call/pm 7739830332
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Today I received my Valentine 1. Figured I would see how well it performs, so I went on a drive(mainly freeway). I notice that the x and k band would constantly go off. It was driving me crazy >_<! Does this happen to anyone else? All in all, I am very happy with the product, because it was...
  4. Misc for Sale
    Valentine 1 radar detector 260$ obo Valentine 1 radar detector qjav18a for sale, it is the newer modle one, wanting 260$ o.b.o will include just the car plug in and the window mount. radar is in perfect condition, works fabulously but i have no need for it so wanting this gone soon. will post...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, I'm looking for the correct way to hardwire my V1. I currently have it hardwired into the fusebox with an add a circuit. The add a circuit is plugged into port 27 (which I believe is for the rear wiper that I don't have) and has two 5 amp fuses in it. Spliced into the add a circuit...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    After a quick search, I saw that several people used the ashtray but I was looking for a location that would keep my eyes closer to the road. Thanks in advance.
  7. Misc for Sale
    As much as is pains me, I'm selling my V1 radar/laser detector. Not much to say about it. The V1 is considered the best. This thing has saved me quite a few times. If you want to read a bit, check out this article written by Alex Roy: World's Greatest Radar Detectors I have everything that...
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I saw many links for stealth installation inside bmw's rear view mirrors. Did a search here but either the links go to and don't exist anymore or the photos don't show. Can someone show me clean installations? I don't want it to be very visible from outside. Thank you in advance.
  9. Mobile Electronics
    I have seen Audi interfaces for the V1 (to let you use the display on the dash for V1 functions) but I have yet to find any VW ones. Does anybody know of any?
  10. Classified Archive
    looking for a good radar detector, preferably a Valentine. PM me with offers please. Or send them to [email protected]
  11. Anything Auto
    Now we all know the valentine 1 radar detector is one of the most respected ones in the market. well i dont know if many of you seen this but they offer a rear view mirror detector. here are some pics. and here is the link if any1 is interested...
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    SOLD--------------------------------------------------------------- Come with original box, manual, extra suction cup, hardwrire kit, cigarette adaptor, power cord. $shipped. Paypal verified member. Ryan
  13. Classified Archive
    Completed with original box, manual, hardware, lighter plug, extra suction cups. Mint condition, serial 4484610725. $SOLD ship. Paypal verified member. Ryan
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    $360 OBO V1.8 Pop and Euro (Software 3.858) Recently upgraded, if you are familiar with V1 upgrades they basically turn around and send you a brand new detector. I am selling coz I have 2 of them and I want to try out the new 9500i from Passport. No low ballin pls... I aint desperate to sell...
  15. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    anyone have this?
  16. Mobile Electronics
    Pics of the cars... The install... Modified by f_399 at 6:48 PM 12-30-2006
  17. Anything Auto
    :banghead: :banghead: well this morning I was following 2 other cars that were doing around 80mph on the interstate, and a cop pulled me over. the freaking V1 didnt even make a sound, it didnt detected nothing.... it's a v.1.8 v1 with pop, the up to the date version. fuck....... :banghead...
  18. Anything Auto
    Anyone know anything about this thing? I know it's pretty old technology, but I picked one up for a few bucks and want to play around with it. It looks like it's unused but there is no user manual. Anyone know where I might get one? Valentine no longer supports it.. TIA
  19. Mobile Electronics
    B5one is doing a raffle featuring YOUR CHOICE of an Apple iPod video (white or black) or a Valentine1 Radar Locator! 150 tickets for $5 each, or you can get a 12-Pack for $50 (2 free tickets). Buy them now at:
  20. Classified Archive
    Brand new, never used, never taken out of the box, Valentine One (V1) Radar Detector. :thumbup: Includes: windshield mount; visor mount; lighter adapter; power cord, coiled; power cord, straight; direct-wire power adapter; wiring-harness connector; owner's manual; interlocking fastener...