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  1. FS: B5.5 Depo headlights with upper/lower eyebrows

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    All tabs intact Lenses not clouded Free chrome corner bulbs and standard low beam bulbs Why I'm selling: Insurance paid for new headlights because of two small nicks These are Depo B5.5 headlights with reflex silver (LA7W painted professionally) upper and lower eyelids. Driver side is...
  2. Upper/Lower Balljoint Miracle

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    I had a pretty unique experience last with my 1999 B5 Passat and thought I'd share... My PA state inspection was due in October, so into the garage she went and I left with a $600 bill to replace the upper and lower ball joints/control arms on both driver and passenger sides. I don't take my...
  3. FS: Upper/Lower Kamei B5.5 Eyelids

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    These are unopened NIB Kamei upper/lower eyelids for B5.5. I had some on my car which was wrecked but have had no time to get these painted and put on the car after it was repaired. I will sell the set for $50 or sell each for $25 excluding shipping. Thanks! kypassat
  4. FS Brand New B5.5 Upper/Lower Kamei Eyelids

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    I have upper/lower eyelids for the B5.5 that are brand new and still in the box. These were purchased after my car was wrecked and they have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. The upper/lower can be yours for $110 total including shipping. I will also consider selling them separate for...
  5. FS - Kamei B5.5 Upper/Lower Eyelids

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    Hello everyone, I have a set of upper and lower Kamei eyelids for a B5.5 Passat brand new in the box. I've had them for a while and i never got to paint/install them, now my wife wants to trade the car for a Touareg so i have no use for them. I've been a member of ClubB5 for a long time, i...
  6. New pics: wasps, upper/lower eyelids, and unders painted

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  7. Feeler with PG Performance - Kamei Upper/Lower Eyelids for B

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    GB with PG Performance - Kamei Upper/Lower Eyelids for B5.5 - Updated with Pricing I am trying to organize another GB for the Kamei Upper/Lower Eyelids for B5.5 since I missed the last one. I should be getting pricing this afternoon and will update this thread ASAP. Anyone interested? Here are...
  8. GB: Kamei Upper/Lower Eyelids for B5.5 - $58/$56 US Shipped

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    I called up to order the Kamei Grill for the GP setup by evacboy and inquired about a GB for the eyelids. They were happy to do so. Plus if you're on the GP for the grill and get the eyelids, you can save on shipping costs. What: Kamei Upper / Lower Eyelids for the B5.5 When: Starting today...
  9. GB: B5.5- Kamei Upper/Lower Eyelids and Mattig Taillight Mas

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    GB: B5.5- Kamei Upper/Lower Eyelids and Mattig Taillight Mask Payment info- Call AMI at 1-705-730-1558 and tell them you are with the B5.5 GB. Please post up after you have paid. I got the ok from to include the upper and lower eyelids. They said that there is...