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  1. United Kingdom

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    Yeah, from the UK
  2. aeb k04 tune what ones better? united motorsports or giac pc16?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Any one running the united motorports tune for aeb k04 ?I have pc16 but I'm maxing out my maf from 5000 up, the unitedotorsports gets tuned to a bigger maf, AND can do k04/ ft/ bt.. and there's a local united motor dealer that can put it on the dyno also to check how its running. I know...
  3. frankenturbo united tune...440 or 630 injectors?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Spoke with guys over at um. I think I'm gunna go with their tune. They have a 440 file that produces 250 whp and a 630 file that produces 290 whp. They said either tune would work nicely. He favors the 630. What would you run? Both tunes require stock fpr. Price difference of tune is...
  4. Anyone have UNITED MOTORSPORTS or C2 AEB software??

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Seriously looking into the United stage2 tune for my 98 AEB w/ Frankenturbo upgrade. Just checking to see if anyone else has done either tuners. They are both known well in other formats like VR6 and 2.5 to do top notch work. I am especially geared to do the UM stage 2 (270hp). Sounds fun.
  5. Need new headlights (with fogs) in the United Kingdom (RHD)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My car failed inspection on its headlights (bad aim). I suspect my attempt at a headlight restore has ruined the beam pattern for some reason even though the lenses are clear again, and they couldn't be adjusted to meet legal requirements. So this means I need new lights. OEM Hella's are a...
  6. United Motorsport chip for 1.8t ??

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, I want to chip my 1.8t AEB (swapped into my 84 rabbit). I've got a front mount and a k03-s. APTuning is pretty close to me. They told me that they would chip it with a United Motorsport chip. I haven't heard much about UM. I couldn't find much on them either. Does anyone here...
  7. [FS] PaintScratch Touch-up Paint Spray United Gray Color

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    12.5 oz. Spray Can Basecoat 12.5 oz. Spray Can Clearcoat Barely used, more than 99% left. You can get more information about these products from paintscratch website (google it). $25 + shipping or B/O This sale is available as long as this thread is remaining. contact me jampake at
  8. The greatest threat to the United States today

    The Black Hole
    "But I firmly believe this... The greatest threat to the United States today, the greatest threat to our liberty, the greatest threat to the Constitution of the United States, the greatest threat to our way of life; everything we believe in. The greatest threat to the country that our founding...
  9. Brand new, OEM United Gray B6 front bumper

    Classified Archive
    As the title says, brand new, never used, bumper skin. Its United gray, and came off when car was new. Any local offer will be accepted, before this goes to the dumpster!
  10. Volkswagen Likely to Drop the Passat in the United States When New Sedan Debuts

    Anything Auto,1326210
  11. B6 Fog light grills, a new United grey bumper

    Classified Archive
    Need this gone guys.... its virtually brand new.... no grill included. Will take trade on anything, or a few bucks. Localy preffered of course. Also have fog light grills for those looking to upgade! 35 for the grills and 80 for the bumper
  12. Stock United gray front bumper B6

    Classified Archive
    Front bumper shell, united grey, any offers will most likely be accepted. Does not include center grill......
  13. B6 Hi-Def front bumper - United Grey - SoCal only (please)

    Classified Archive
    I should first mention, This bumper is being sold by me personally. It is not being sold through my work that everyone associates me with. This is a personal classified, not a vendor classified. Please do not lock or delete it as such. Thank you very much. I have a United Grey Hi-Def...
  14. United States of Canada

    The Black Hole
    Well, this year saw the US dollar reach parity with the Canadian funny money. Now, you folks have matched us in unemployment rate. The US's unemployment rate for August is 6.1%, equal to Canada's: This is the first...
  15. Is the United States becoming balkinized?

    The Black Hole
    I am sitting here at work. You know I have to make extra money for that FMIC. :rolleyes: Anyway, I was listening to "Fox and Friends". Well one the guests named Pat Campbell said, "the United States has become balkinized." I was taken back abit. I then started thinking about and I agree. I also...
  16. Brand New Passat Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers $735 free shipping in United States

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    Its official we have enough buyers $735 shipped to your door!!! get your payments in to get a set. I will normally ship out next day but sometimes I can get the coilovers out the same day if you send payment before noon pacific time. My paypal is [email protected] and if you have any...
  17. Brand New Passat Eibach Pro-Street Coilovers $775 free shipping in United States

    Classified Archive
    I was referred to these forums from Vwvortex and you can search my name over there for references. I have a few sets of these brand new in the box Eibach Prostreet coilovers. My paypal is [email protected] and if you have any questions you can reach me at 714-400-7825. Retail is $1100...
  18. United Kingdon

    Hi!! Guys I have got a 1.8T and I kave just changed my alloys from 15' to 17'...what I want to know is if I will have to update my registration document??? Probably this sound stupid... but if it does forgive me :confused:
  19. cancel those United flights...

    The Black Hole United is seeing backlash from it's plan to deny it employee's their previously agreed pension. already folks are making flight arrangments on other airlines in anticipation of possible strike action, which could easily ground...
  20. Understanding Poverty and Economic Inequality in the United States

    The Black Hole
    When we talk about poverty in this country, what does that really mean? This is an interesting article on poverty in America and how it is measured: Understanding Poverty and Economic Inequality in the United States From the article: Now before this topic gets sidetracked, this article is the...