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  1. Tweeters in doors, but no Monsson system. :confused:

    Mobile Electronics
    I recently purchased a 2003 wagon. It had a CD/cassette/radio head unit--nothing said Monsoon on it. I just installed a Sony double DIN HU and like it so I started thinking about adding new speakers and maybe a powered sub. The challenge is that Crutchfield says that I should not have...
  2. Hello! Tweeters

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! Made an account , I just wanted to ask: for a Passat b5, I need 4 tweeters replacement. I need some good recommandations,also I look for high frequency tweeters (that go as high as 100khz) because they will sound crisper and a lot better than ones that maximum output is like 20-25 ...
  3. Tweeters in rear doors?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Does anyone know if there is tweeters in the rear doors? I have a 1.8 Wolfsburg 2014 and there is a spot next to the door handle where it looks like tweeters would go, but when I have the radio on there is no sound coming from there. Anyone know? thanks
  4. Dynaudio only tweeters playing

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I am looking for a little help. If someone is able to point me in the right direction or would be appreciated. I have read the thread about no power to the amp when there is no sound at all. My problem is a little different because all my tweeters in the front and back are working. The mids and...
  5. custom carbon fibre alpine door tweeters for a passat b5 or b5.5

    Parts For Sale
    hi guys, since im selling the passat im selling the bits i have laying around these were done by c6carbon for me a few years ago now. the tweeters are alpine not sure on wattage, but the quality was really good in my car, and couldn't fault them as a complete set up they also been modded to...
  6. Volkswagen Tweeters

    Parts For Sale
    I have 4 car door tweeters.OEM # 3B0 035 411.They were on my Passat b5.5 but now I have a component set so no use to them now.I'm selling them for 20$ each or 75$ for all 4. I can do free shipping for the tweeters as long your in the US. I can send pictures if you need.. Thanks for reading guys
  7. Strange space between the tweeters and the window glass?

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    Hi, I have a quick question to you. Is your tweeter plastic case and rubber socket around the A-pillar also not perfectly in line with the window? I mean it looks like its not really tight between the glass and the rubber/plastic pieces: You can see that the tweeter cover is close to the...
  8. Rear speakers dont work, rear tweeters do

    Mobile Electronics
    My 2004 Passat's rear speakers dont work. I can fade to the rear speakers and hear a llittle sound coming out of the tweeters but the woofers are quiet. Any ideas?
  9. Sound coming from tweeters only

    Mobile Electronics
    I bought a 2001.5 Passat with the OEM radio/casette and a 6-disc changer. The problem I'm having is that I only hear sound coming from the 4 tweeters. I pulled out the radio and see that there's a connector where it says "For Monsoon Amp" - the second connector from the top. But I checked my...
  10. FS: B5 Tweeters

    Classified Archive
    These tweeters (VW part number: 3B0 035 411) were pulled from a B5 Passat. To my knowledge, they are in good working order, but I purchased them from someone else. I have no way of testing them. One of my tweeters in my 98 Passat was going bad and therefore I purchased these with the intent...
  11. Do I need to remove door panel to access tweeters

    Mobile Electronics
    :wrench::salute:I have some static coming threw just the right side tweeter , this could be a loose connection so I would like to check it , do I need to remove the door pannel to access the tweeter triangle? If so is there a writeup on how to do it cleanly, I tried to search just showing full...
  12. Door handels and tweeters

    Classified Archive
    This is out of a 99 passat wagon. They are rear door handel modules, completley functional. 20$ +shipping
  13. fs: unscratched front door tweeters out of 99 1.8T $55 shipped

    Classified Archive
    I have a pair of tweeters that don't have any scratches on that wierd rubberized coating. Came out of a 99 passat sedan with a broken timing belt. $55 shipped for the pair to the lower 48 states.
  14. WTB front tweeters of an 01 B5

    Classified Archive
    Hello all. I am looking for the front tweeters and housings/sail panels. I don't care what shape they are in as long as they will stick in the car. Please let me know how much shipped to Indiana, 47130. Thanks - email = erikdwelly at Erik
  15. New DDX-512 Install (W/ Pics)...also a question about tweeters and subs...

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey everyone-- I just finished installing my new Kenwood DDX-512 HU, and I have to highly recommend it for anyone looking for an in-dash DVD unit. The unit looks great in the dash, and the picture is fantastic. The only trouble is that the menus are a bit confusing, but that is easily...
  16. Monsoon - Rear tweeters seem to be degrading

    Mobile Electronics
    OK, I used search, but didn't find my problem - wondering if anyone has experienced it and solved it. 2002 GLS Monsoon system. There seems to be very little high end sound coming out of my rear tweeters any more. As a matter of fact, I drove my wife's 2004 GL the other day, with an OEM...
  17. Looking to attenuate the rear tweeters. B6 Passat/aftermarket HU & Amp

    Mobile Electronics
    I've got an '07 (B6) Passat. I've got the OEM speakers being powered by an aftermarket head unit/amp combo. The tweeters in the rear door are completely screwing up the imaging. Ideally, I'd prefer not to tear into the door and unplug the tweeters, but I need to find some way to turn them...
  18. add tweeters?

    Mobile Electronics
    i want to add an extra set of tweeters in the back, will my amp handle me tapping into my rear speaker line?
  19. how many tweeters are there in a 5.5?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    5.5 with monsoon.. 2 @ front... is there any tweeter @ the back.
  20. WTB: OEM Rear Door Tweeters B5 Sedan

    Classified Archive
    As the subject states. I think I have a blown tweeter in my drivers side rear door. I would like to replace it so I'm seeing if anybody out there who has upgraded their speakers may have the stock ones lying around. PM or e-mail me at bdjones72 @ msn . com. Thanks.