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  1. Rear ended by truck

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Was rear ended by a truck at a stop light. Truck and rear bumper are damaged. Look like from the height of the truck that it hit mostly in between the truck and the top of the bumper. I was able to open the truck and see any other damaage. looks like the frame on the trunk itself is bent in...
  2. 2001 B5 Whole truck load nice parts $250

    Parts For Sale
    Complete Black cloth interior,heated seats like new, Light grey head liner, sun roof assembly, trunk lid rear bumper in Silver, 2 Automatic transmissions with 90k on it One is 4wd..Both driver side doors silver, 4cyl AUG engine that needs a couple of valves with new head included. I also have a...
  3. Hyunda... truck? Another interesting craigslist find.

    Anything Auto
    I saw this while doing my normal craigslist strolls... boy was I confused. :confused: :hmmm: :crazy: 97 hyundai car/truck custom 40mpg In case the ad gets deleted or expires, here's for your viewing pleasure: :driving:
  4. Fs: 3 piece zender truck spolier REPLICA

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  5. No power windows, sunroof, gas door, truck, door locks

    B5 Garage
    :mad: :banghead: 2003 Passat B5 turbo. I just purchased this car. Everything worked great a few days ago. Now the power windows wont work, the door locks wont stay locked, sunroof wont open, trunk wont open, the gas door wont open. On top of that the key fob now won't do anything except blink...
  6. passat tow truck

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    just a fine example of how the v6 passat wagon is the greatest all around car ever
  7. Passenger Door Rattle, truck bed liner?!?!

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a rattle (buzz) in my passenger front door, and have tried a couple things to fix it. First, took off the door panel and made sure everything was in place. Check. Second, lined the door panel with the soft part of velcro to stop what I assumed was clicking against the metal. Not that...
  8. SMOKE! Blown seal in turbo? Future pickup truck

    B5 Garage
    Hello everyone! Newbie here with an oil burn question Recently picked up a cheap 98 1.8t passat wagon needing some work, with intentions of converting it into a pickup truck. :) It has 213.000 miles, runs and drives fairly well but has an oil burning problem. From what ive read, im...
  9. holy fluckin fast dump truck

    Anything Auto
    ya im calling this guy next time i need some dirt delivered :thumbup:
  10. 2012 North American Car & Truck of the Year Nominees Announced

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    Read the whole story at
  11. Your truck for the zombie apocalypse

    Anything Auto
    Serbian Border Patroller: 1986 TAM 110 For Sale It's worth reading the article to check out the comments.:thumbup:
  12. 1947 doge panel truck.

    Anything Auto
    my dad got a call from his friend asking us to go up the road and see i this guy has an axle for his car. we show up and ask him if he has a spare axle blah blah. he didnt have one so oh well. i noticed he had a race trailor but didnt think anything of it cus im sorta use to being around drag...
  13. Wichita Audi truck??

    Anything Auto
    If u where to buy an Audi truck wich model will u buy and why? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  14. Passat Truck

    The Showroom
    XD amazing, kind of reminds me of a ghetto Maloo :thumbup: This man made a truck out of a Passat
  15. Fast And Furious Semi Truck Action IRL...

    Anything Auto
    Hoon of the Day: Pedobear Miata goes to an even worse place!5795359/pedobear-miata-goes-to-an-even-worse-place :icon_eek:
  16. 1999 Mitsubishi Fuso 12' Box Truck For Sale

    Misc for Sale
    Hi Everyone, If you know anyone who is in need of a work truck, please do not hesitate to send the below link to them. This truck is now for sale on ebay and works great!!! Brand new tires, all new front brakes, new tranny cooler lines, new headlights, new batteries, new king pins, new air...
  17. Diesel Truck Purchasing Advice

    Anything Auto
    Looking for a tow vehicle for a car trailer/boat. The requirements are as follows. * Low/cheap/easy maintenance preferred. (i.e. no need for urea fluid, etc.) * Reliability is a big factor, I could care less about interior quality, looks, etc. What do you reccomend? I have my eyes set on a...
  18. small truck reviews

    Anything Auto
    I'm in the market for a small truck. I have to have rear seat that allow baby seats to be strapped down so I'm looking at 4-door or crew cab varieties. Consumer reports recommends the toyota tacoma followed closely the honda ridgeline and nissan frontier. Wondering if anyone has comments /...
  19. V6 died on highway (electrical), waiting for tow truck

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Suspect alternator or battery cables since battery was checked out this a.m. How would I know this? I am sitting in my car, on my laptop with a tethered mobile wi-fi connection surfing PW. Having to wait 45 minutes for tow to dealer ain't so bad these days. ;)
  20. Took my truck to Jiffy Lube

    Anything Auto
    My work/winter beater (1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 six in-line automatic with 150,000) was due for an oil change and it's too dang cold for me to motivate myself into doing it in the street. So I did something I haven't done in probably 25 years, I went to Jiffy Lube. $42.12 got me an...