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    So, I guess you can call this a miniature write-up. But, I must say, as I have owned this car since 35,000 miles, it has been awesome all the way through. I started modifying it about 3.5 years ago, went to my first waterfest (16), and I was hooked. So, anyway, some of you may have seen my...
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    Been awhile since I last posted but I got very busy starting late April (just became a permanent employee at Dreamworks 4/28), training for the new position for a full month and just been busy ever since. Anyway, on May 10th, you all know Carroll Shelby passed away. Mike Hennessy of Hennessy...
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    There didn't appear to be anything particularly divisive going on in there, and I was hoping it might lead to an interesting discussion of differences between the D and R conventions. Anyone want to shed light on this one?
  5. The Black Hole
    I keep hearing that the Republican party is trying to capture the minority, putting out a message that minorities should not feel any obligation to the democratic party. but as I watched the video tribute "America" I couldnt help but notice as they flashed images of great leaders past, Reagan...
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    Look, we made the VWoA site!