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  1. 2014 SE--OEM navigation, no travel link capability?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    I recently purchased a 2014 SE with navigation. I was doing some research on this forum, and discovered some discussions regarding the SiriusXM Travel Link service. I have a free SiriusXM trial that came with car, so I decided to call them to inquire about the Travel Link service and how to...
  2. very short travel and turbo

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    Hi , I'm wondering how long I need to wait before turn off engine after a very short travel ; for example 1 mile or 2 at max . I heard turbo need oil and if you cut off the engine without waiting 1 or 2 minutes after a long travel you can broke it because it did not have oil when it turn and...
  3. Sirius Travel Link in 2012 Passat

    Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know anything about Travel Link in the 2012 Passat? Or better have experience with it. I have a TDI SEL with the RNS 510 in it but Travel Link does not seem to be implemented in it contrary to this link. There is no evidence that it exists...
  4. Changing headlights to travel in Europe

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    I contacted my local dealer and asked if there was a way to change my bi-xenon headlights to drive in Europe. They told me the only way was a sticker they would put on for £21.00. Before I took up their extortionate offer I read the manual. Just go into the MFD and select the light and vision...
  5. Vantastic voyage: WV travel addicts circle globe in VW

    Anything Auto
    Vantastic voyage: WV travel addicts circle globe in VW
  6. Palin charges Alaska for kids' travel

    The Black Hole ____ wow...these don't sound like things that a "reformer" or "maverick" would do. the way i see it, unless the kids are there on an official function, then she should not charge the state. Now, when they use...
  7. Travel time between my towns is acting funny

    I was moving some goods between a couple of my towns, and noticed its taking forever. Moving a load of wood from the next town over, said it should take 40mins travel time. well that was around noon time, here it is roughly 7pm and it says I have about 45 minutes left......Maybe the boats are...
  8. Ikariam Fleet Travel Calculator

    Ok, here's my calculator to make your lives easier. <- Download it here. It's an Excel sheet. Here's a SS. You can key in your transit time, desired arrival time, select time zones via drop downs (last guy is leaving in...
  9. travel through Eastern NC?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was driving down US-17 yesterday and passed a smooth smooth black variant headed north outside of Washington (eastern part of) NC... I know this is a shot in the dark, but being out in the country the only b's I see are as stock as the day they left the lot and are best used as grocery...
  10. End of Summer Holiday Travel...

    Anything Auto
    I took the family on a long weekend trip from Pittsburgh to the northshore of Lake Erie near Windsor, Ontario this Labor Day. We traveled far enough West to escape most of the rain that Ernesto dropped. It is trips like this that make me fully appreciate our Passat variant. We traveled...
  11. Dead travel in gas pedal

    B5 Garage
    I have an 04 GLX 4Mo and there seems to be quite a bit of dead travel in the accelerator pedal. I have another DBW car and it acts the same as if the pedal were mechanically connected to the intake. But in the Passat, I can depress the pedal some before I see any movement in the tach. If this...
  12. Adjusting ebrake travel

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Is there a write-up specific to adjusting the ebrake? The Bently book is a little vague on this job. Any help please? Thanks, Tom
  13. Less clutch travel? Is it possible? Inquiring minds...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    A while ago, I came across a post on a BMW site by someone who had installed a custom clutch stop in their car so that the clutch pedal didn't go all the way to the floor. This seems like a good idea for us too since the clutch on a B5 only engages in the top third or so of pedal travel. So...
  14. THE way to travel! Newell Custom- $500K++! Any1 been in one?

    Anything Auto
    I have had the chance to visit several of these beasts, and they are truly the Mega-Yachts of the roads. RVs can be nice,and private busses are even nicer...but a Newell is hands-down the Rolls Royce of the custom bus market. When I go to Disney World on Memorial Day Weekend, I stay in Fort...
  15. Bilsteins recieved.. question regarding piston travel..

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i recieved my sport shocks yesterday and i found them difficult to push in and out.. i only tried once and figured i shouldn't do it untill i find out if they are supposed to travel just by simply pushing on the shaft. EDIT: pics up loaded. please dis-regard the honda coil-overs... Brent...
  16. Blaunpunkt Travel Pilot 150

    Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone have one of these or know anyone who does? Is it a good system? Will it work wiht the monsoon amp and the OEM cd-changer? Thanks!