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  1. Trading up to a Passat 2013 Highline TDI

    New Member Introductions
    Good day all, Trading up to a 2013 Passat Highline TDI from a 2004 Golf GLS TDI :)
  2. Trading in my B6 Act fast for great deals on parts

    Parts For Sale
    Like the title says I'm trading in my B6 Passat wagon and I have a few parts available with exchange of stock parts. I'm in SoCal so parts requiring exchange have to be local deals. BFI chrome badge less grill - $75 w/ exchange Clear turn indicators - $30 w/ exchange The following parts...
  3. Please talk me out of trading my V6 for this W8...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
  4. Trading her in.......b6

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Well, most likely trading the passat in this weekend.....any local takers want parts? I have cold air intake, clean grill, red euro taillight, etc etc. I kept none of my stock parts so mostly need trade plus very little cash. Only stock part I kept was intake...
  5. Trading in the b5.5 wagon

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I wanted to make it a New Year's surprise, but the suspense is killing me. On Monday 12/28, I'm trading in my 05 1.8t Passat wagon. In its stead I'll be piloting ... An 05 Passat wagon. This one, however, will be an oil burner. I found one just up the road from me with under 48k miles for a...
  6. Parting out/ trading lots of items. A4 wheels & JonBoys tinted tails must go by 30th!

    Classified Archive
    Parting out/ trading lots of items. A4 wheels & JonBoys tinted tails must go by 30th! Only two items left. Two for sale, one for local trade. W8 beige overhead sunroof console, with wiring harness. This is not the light silver/gray. Good condition, with some paint bubbling near the sunroof...
  7. Any interstest in trading all 4 doors plus cash for mine..?

    Classified Archive
    Im lookin to get rid of my doors, all 4 handles r half shaved, a very unique look i'd say. The top pocket has been filled as so. As many pix as i could find. I know this is a odd trade proposal. But im lookin to get rid of them and theyre professionally done and you can save some...
  8. I am trading the Subaru for a B6 a4

    Anything Auto
    Thank god I did not put anything major in the subaru... lol... only 4 shocks... and it still ride like ****... sighhhhh... taking all audio off, and returning to stock.... I will be looking at the V6, what do I have to be aware of?
  9. Trading with LEAD?

    A guy on an island near me is in LEAD, we started talking because we both looted a town at the same time, and I wound up with all the booty. Is it okay to trade with these guys? I see they have a peace treaty with us.
  10. Quick fix for oil pressure light? Trading car in

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    We decided to trade in the passat for an 08 scion tc. The problem is, is I need to get it to the dealer and let them look at it without them knowing about or seeing the oil light. Is there like a sensor I can unplug, or something of the sorts so i don't have to drop the pan and clean the oil...
  11. thinking about trading in an '06 3.6 on a '08 3.6 variant...

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    ...and was wondering about pricing. According to, the price difference between the Sedan and variant is about $1200. Is that about right? Also, are dealerships more or less likely to give a good price on the variants when compared to the sedan? When I bought the sedan in October of...
  12. Got to love those level 6 trading ports :)

    Well I decided that if I could not give my towns away I would go and cause some nause on local Islands. Found this guy 9000 military but a level 6 trading port :) Biggest haul to date. Going back 5 more times this evening :) Loot * Gold: 13,471 * Building material: 2,240 * Marble...
  13. Looking for somone close by,to keep trading with(details inside)

    Just looking for guys who are some what close, to keep a reliable trade going....i.e....maybe trade a set amount once a day, or once a week for that matter. I have a few NON-alliance members that I trade with, just not always reliable..... Plus it would be nice to know I had a neighbor :thumbup...
  14. Building up Trading Port?

    Have any of you built up your Trading Ports? I've left all mine at level one for fear of losing a lot from a pillage.
  15. How many trading ships do you have?

    I have 20 at the moment, and its not nearly enough. What are you guys up to? I use a lot of ship capacity sending stuff back and forth between colonies.
  16. I think I got ripped off in the trading post

    How can I tell if the guy I bought 500 Marble off of sent it to me? It is NOT in my total, The gold was originally subtracted. Now, I'm not sure, But don't think its in my total. It was in my log for the trading ships, that the gold was going to him. But, I did not get the resource. Any...
  17. Trading Posts

    Does it need to be upgraded for other islands to see you further? Or can it be like level 1 and someone 3 or 4 islands away can see it? (Besides higher storage capacity)
  18. Trading Question: What is "Acquire Ambrosia", etc.?

    When viewing your Trading Post, on the left side of the screen, there is a "to Trader" button. When you click the button you are brought to a screen that has a slider for each resource along with a button or two related to Ambrosia. How do the sliders work? Their purpose is unclear. What is...
  19. Trading Car

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Was just wondering if you could swith your ecu with someone else if yours is chipped and do I have to give them my key. 2002 passat 1.8t 85,245 mile 12,000 on ECU with chip 93octane
  20. Trading XM for XM NavTraffic

    Mobile Electronics
    Can I just switch the box or is the antenna differant?