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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello folks Im Tracy in Florida. How are you all? It's nice to be here.
  2. Parts For Sale
    I'm going to send the car to the junkyard soon and if there is any Local interest in any parts let me know. I have the 6 disk CD changer. I also have a transmission filter kit I never got to use along with a case of ATF. Also, I have 2 brand new pre cat O2 sensors I never got to use. A...
  3. Dealerships and Service
    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good VW service dealership center near Tracy, California ? I wouldn't even mind if it is in the SF Bay Area, as long as I know they are honest and do a good job, just don't want to be screwed by all those unscrupulous VW dealerships around. My 2003...
  4. Amateur Motorsports
    I have a car (currently being gutted...i mean prepared) and a team and this is going to be a seriously sweet event. Hope to see some fellow CB5ers out there. The crowd. The spectacle. The pall of blue smoke and roasted clutch discs. In all motorsport, no event...
  5. Dealerships and Service
    Hey all, been awhile since I posted here. Looking for a good Indy VW mechanic that can handle exhaust, shocks, springs install and/or general non-warranty stuff in the Tracy, California area. Thanks in advance.
  6. USA - West
    New to group. 2000 1.8t, bone-stock commuter-ride. Looking to euro it out. I'll be in touch! Hello to all. BTW, I work in Cupertino. I'd love to see some of your rides.
  7. USA - West
    I hope you guys and gals like? Suggestions welcome..... :lol:
  8. USA - West
    Here are the current modifications to my Wunder Wagen as of 2003!! Now including shows placed and sponsors for my Variant! Enjoy, David Exterior *Custom molded front bumper with lower JMS front spoiler and shaved front plate *Oettinger rear roof spoiler *Dietrich Tuning rear bumper...
1-8 of 8 Results