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  1. Anything Auto
    I have enjoyed listening to Car Talk and the Magliozzi brothers for as long as I can remember and still can't wait for the re-run each week! Rest in peace Tom. :salute: Tom Magliozzi, Popular Co-Host Of NPR's 'Car Talk,' Dies At 77 : NPR
  2. RockAuto
    Check out the video clip here:
  3. USA - East
    Hey Friends :) I like R36Dreams & GeniusGZA live in Good Old Manassas VA! Just thought I would start a Thread were I can keep all my Progress on my Variant up . Its a 04 GLX V6 76k currently MODS: 6k HID PIAA Yellow Fogs Badgeless Grill Not pictured: Chrome mirror caps INPro Amber Side...
  4. USA - West
    Here is my '08 Passat Wagen MT. This is my first brand-new car. All others were used. Umm... I have only owned VWs. First car was a 74 superbeetle, that was rear ended and totaled. Bought a 73 superbeetle and put a 1776cc then 1835cc engine in it. Then for some reason the stock axles...
  5. Dealerships and Service
    1st- I worked there for a bit, I left after six months due to the absurdity. You have two way better choices in O'steen (always awesome- go see Mike Schiandra) and a not so far 2nd place is Ash Tisdale. The service at Tom Bush is atrocious. they are crooks. Some specifics I witnessed-...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know of a decent way to mount my portable GPS to the dash? The windshield mount is just not working for me. Ideas?
  7. USA - West
    HI there im glad to finally find a site that doesnt bash VW Passats. I Live in Port ANgeles WA. I forgot to put that in my header oops. I hope to have pics up soon of my 01.
  8. Dealerships and Service
    Don't ever use these guys. Parts, Service, Buying a damn car. These guys suck in all areas. I ordered 4 coil packs, a W8 belly pan and hardware, 2 HB2 bulbs, and 2 H7 bulbs. I went back 3 weeks later for the damn coil packs and they haven't even ordered them. I ended up getting them from...
  9. Passat of The Month
    Passat of the Month - August 2006 Tom Parish Madison County, NY USA First off, I am honored to have been asked to share my B5 with you all. My previous car was a 1985 Jetta GLI which I owned for 14 years and put on approximately 125K miles. While living in Boston I met Dick Shine at SRS...
  10. USA - East
    Here you go. At 108K miles and six years later she is still going strong. It took me a while to find a photo host but here you are...
  11. USA - West
    new member 11-04
  12. USA - East
    I am really excited about being part of the Forum. I currently have a '03 TDI Jetta Black/Black Wagon and a '03 Passat Turbo Passat Wagon that I am selling - it only has 750 miles on it - dealer demo - My girlfriend is picking up her new W8 six speed wagon this afternoon and I have on ored an...
  13. USA - East
    I live in Newport, RI and have an Indigo Blue '04 Wagon. I love the car. It is pretty quick and very comfortable. I also own a Mk3 Jetta. The Jetta is mine and the B5.5 is the wifes. I'm trying to leave it alone but its getting harder and harder the more I'm on here. LOL I'll keep my eyes open...
  14. USA - East
    2004.5 B5.5 Passat GLS TDI Northern Green Anthracite Leather/Wood Trim ESP Picked this up Yesterday! Total TDI nut this is my 5th TDI 2 B4 Passats 96-97 Still have the 96 and 1 A3 Jetta and 1 A4 Jetta all TDI's
  15. USA - East
    I've been browsing these boards for a little while now, and finally decided to sign up. I'm from Va Beach, where I've lived my entire life. I picked up a 99 b5 1.8T in late Feb. No mods yet, but plenty of plans. I'll keep you guys updated. -Tom
  16. USA - West
  17. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey all. Anyone interested in a W8 6spd? Tom Wood in Indy has one. Ask for Jannette Foerster. No, I get nothing from this. Just noticed it there and thought I'd share :wink:
  18. USA - West
    Some one help me please! Signed on the dotted lines today for our '03 Colorado Red Variant, 1.8T, Tiptronic, Monsoon, ESP, Leather. Delivery is still a few days away, probably Monday the 28th but it will be rolling through Longview tomorrow evening. We've been waiting since March 17. It's on...
  19. USA - East
    Tom Burdett --- I am 17 years old my '99 Passat 1.8t is my first car. It took me a good 6 months to find "the one" car i wanted. I'm proud to say I paid for most of it and expired all of my savings. I wish I had some more money to put some mods in. Mods: Sony Xplod cd deck,, Any...
  20. Canada
    My favourite passat colour, Fjord Blue :lol: . Haven't done many mods, Tints, painted front grill (soon to be badgeless), rims, tinted side markers