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  1. so, I got a hole in my tire today, led to an interesting discovery

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    so, I got a hole in my tire today, this was why... So I was driving home yesterday and started feeling a slight vibration and pull to the right. My aftermarket axles are going out so I assumed that was the culprit and kept driving :P Well after about 4 or 5 miles it gets worse so I pull over...
  2. Got the famed broken coil spring today...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    On the way home from work. I drive 1.5 miles, back roads, and never get over 35 so there wasn't any danger. Pulled the wheel and just couldn't believe it. Driver front coil spring snapped. Now to find a new OEM set. Dealer was closed, and I'll check with them tomorrow, but not looking...
  3. BIRTHDAYS How old did your Passat turn today?

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    02' AWM 1.8t manual
  4. Please help just been ripped off with used Passat bought today

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi Guys New to the forums so thanks for having me. I bought a used 03 110 bhp TDI Passat today no come back. The car is in lovely condition and runs and sounds very smooth. Anyway I've just realized now that the check engine light is not working and the speedometer is bouncing all over the...
  5. Just bought used passat today, already have problems

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys new here and would really like your help with some problems. Thanks
  6. 3/8/14 54 Degrees Today, Went for a Drive..

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    It's common knowledge that the entire Northeast took a beating this winter. Between the Bone Chilling cold and incessant snow, we hardly had a decent day to take drive, much less, even clean off the Passat properly. Well, When i saw that it would be 50 degrees on Saturday, :bowdown: I decided to...
  7. 300k today, daily driver 2002 b5.5 1.8t tip

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    ( winter mode now, of course), and with tape over the CEL (for a leak in the SAI pipe-who cares). Thanks to many PW for much info on maintenance, mods, problem fix's, etc. over the years ! 300+ k and going strong. Y'all know it's a love/hate relationship and I'm not ready to give her...
  8. 100k today

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hit 100k miles on the Passat wagon today. Purchased this car used in January 2010 with 27k. The service rundown isn't terrible: - Timing belt/water pump/thermostat at 80k - Changed the cam follower preemptively at 50k before the extended warranty came out - Transmission fluid changes every...
  9. Navigation went crazy today...

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    I have a 2013 TDI SEL and the navigation has never worked that well. But today my nav shut off and so did the stereo and the only way to get it back was to restart the car a FEW times. Has anyone heard of this before and if not any ideas?
  10. Started TB and water pump replacement today

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Finally got started on this today. m.y.2000 GLX 2.8L. Only some minor issues. Disconnected everything (including all electrical wiring) except the lower rad hose. For the life of me I cannot remove the lower radiator hose, either at the radiator or at thermostat housing. Got the upper hose...
  11. why do today what you can put off until winter..

    B5 Garage
    May 2013 75 degrees... timing belt replacement on an 03 v6 Passat.. I recall looking at the alternator and telling myself "now would be a good time to rebuild that" fast forward... February 11th 2014 7:30 AM -14 degrees.. rush hour traffic.. one by one I start losing things, stereo...
  12. VCG replaced today. Pretty proud of myself. Big thanks to PW!

    B5 Garage
    So today I finally changed my valve cover gasket set. And it was successful so far. After reading threads and looking up multiple YouTube posts, this noob got up enough courage to try it. I own a 2004 1.8 manual 4motion. I love this car and wonder what car I can purchase in the future that will...
  13. Marijuana Legalized Today In Colorado, What Is Your Viewpoint On The Matter?

    The Black Hole
    Nine things to know before smoking pot in Colorado What are your thoughts on the legalization taking place in Colorado? Is the age limit correct? Do you think it will be successful or fall flat on its face? Should I buy Frito Lay stock? :P Personally speaking, as someone that has never used...
  14. So I detailed my baby today

    The Showroom
    My VW and my mom's Pathfinder All in all a very productive 6 hours! Tell me what y'all think and what I could do better
  15. Nelson Mandela Passed Away Today

    Off-Topic Forum
    Nelson Mandela Dead: Former South African President Has Died At 95 Nelson Mandela Dead: South African Former President Dies - Business Insider RIP, sad to see such an important figure pass.
  16. Tackled 01 V6 Rack Today

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Okay, first off my hat is off to everyone who has done this job by them self in the times posted. I have read countless articles on this forum, Google and the shop book. I enlisted the help of a good friend that turned wrenches for years and I am no rookie either. This was a very difficult job...
  17. My VAG COM should be here today. Advice please?

    B5 Garage
    My car has been stalling out at red lights, stop signs, heavy traffic off and on for about 3 weeks. It also surges while driving. Both of these come and go but it's getting worse daily. I will post the codes that I had when it first started. I replaced all the vacuum lines about a year ago, both...
  18. THE GAME is on today...

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    ...go buckeyes!
  19. Motor mounts arrived today..

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    hey guys, just got my oem rs4 motor mounts today for my passat. just checking to see if anyone is using them and how they perform. for $119.95 each they best work real nice!
  20. First killington trip of the year was today!!! w000t!

    Off-Topic Forum
    hey guys, this thread is to bring out the snowboarding/skiing junkies of the forum. on 11/13/13 me and my friend in northern nj decided to make the 4 hour and 30 minute journey to killington, vermont. for mid november, the conditions were awesome!!! fresh powder everywhere and lots of it! when...