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  1. 19x8.5" VMR RS4 Reps w/ 235/35/19 Tires

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    Decided to keep the car and the wheels now please remove thread.
  2. FS: Brand new still in box 4 18inch Audi RS4 replica wheels with tires.

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    18inch audi rs4 replica fitted and balanced with Kumho 225 40R 18 wheels. All 4 brand new and still in box. I made the VW signs myself and fitted them to the cap perfectly. I am posting only 2 pics but I have all items still in box. If you need more pics, send me your email address...
  3. Fs: Oem vw wheels and tires catalunya

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    VW Catalunya 16x7, 5x112 lug pattern, 57.1 (mm) centerbore, 45ET offset MSRP $278 each Stock size 215/55R16 Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 2 tires are like new and 2 tire are about 20% left on them($157 each new). Wheels are used off my 06 VW Passat. There is some curb rush, nothing major at all. *...
  4. Back, hello, tires question, other hi mileage misc

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi everybody. It's Jeff. I hope this message finds everyone in good health and spirits. I used to frequent these parts daily but then something happened... I got married and had kids lol. I also had a bad back problem (totally destroyed L5/S1 Lumbar disc) and a Vicodin problem (which I took...
  5. New winter tires for this upcoming season

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    Here is a list of some new snow tires we will be carrying this season. We are going to test these tires this fall. I will post the test results when I get them. Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 and Blizzak LM-60 RFT Performance winter tire using an H-speed rated, non-Multicell compound tread in the...
  6. What kind of wheels are these?

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  7. Feeler: 17" Audi OEM AVUS wheels with tires

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    I may sell my set of 4 pieces 17" Audi OEM AVUS wheels with tires (about 50% life left) that I got used but never mounted in my W8 to support my recent cost of repairs on my 03 GTI. I don't have the pictures yet, but can take them tomorrow when I have time. These wheels are OEM, not replicas...
  8. Possible snow tires

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    I'm looking at a set of king Plus P185/65R1. I'm wondering what type of wheels I need for my 03 4motion.
  9. FS 18" Privat Netz & Tires if wanted

    Classified Archive For sale!!! asking $450 OBO One of the rims is a little bent and they have some rash on them...nothing too serious like a crack i want some new shoes so these gotta go weekish? front driver front pass Rear Driver Rear Pass...
  10. Are these Safe Wheels and Tires.?

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    does these look safe to drive on for $1000? :whistle: For Sale is the following: Four - Bridgestone Potenza 225/35/19 Z-Rated RE050A Tires Four - Black 19" Rims with Audi centercaps (5 x 112 bolt pattern) Note the following: Two of...
  11. VW Passat : 4 each BBS rims (wheels) model VZ026, including 5 tires with less than 10

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    FS: 4 each BBS rims (wheels) model VZ026, including 5 tires with less than 1000 miles driven on them. Including Gewindefahrwerke coilover suspension kit for VW Passat. Parts from a 2004 VW Passat 4motion that looked great with the low suspension and drove smooth and quiet. Asking $999 Tires +...
  12. FS: 18" Chrome rims with tires <300 miles

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    Set of 18" Metal FX M70 Chrome Rims with Nankang NS-II 225-40-18 rims. This set is being sold for a friend. He bought set and put on wifes Mercedes (5x112) after less then 300 miles she hit a pothole and very slightly bent one rim. He took off and car was sold soon after. He is taking a huge...
  13. Plus Sizing CC Rims & Tires

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    I am thinking of plus sizing the rims and tires on a stock CC and looking for some suggestions or recommendations. Stock Tire size is: 235/40 R18 What tire size do I need to run 20's. This is a daily driver (more then daily - 30,000 miles/year). Are 20's too large? I have notice most...
  14. FS: Newer Wheels & Tires from Tirerack

    Classified Archive close up shots available on link above. bought this setup for this coming winter, but decided to go in another direction. will be selling this almost new setup I recently purchased from Tirerack. the wheels are Sport Edition SE-14 17x7.5...